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author Maryna Korobka

Maryna Korobka



Maryna is a passionate, efficient, and detail-oriented writer creating each piece of content with the reader’s/customer’s best interest in mind. She is proficient in different styles of writing, which makes every text unique and perfectly tailored to the reader’s needs.

Maryna also has several years of experience in translation, marketing, HR and recruiting, and graphic design, making it easy for her to come up with engaging and useful texts that help the reader resolve a specific problem.  

Each of Maryna’s editorials for Light IT Global was written in collaboration with our experts in web and/or mobile development to ensure the utmost technical accuracy while keeping the content easy to read.



Creative writing

SEO copywriting


Academic writing

B2B and B2C texts

SMM writing

Graphic design


Classic Private University

Master's degree in Interpretation and Translation

Business and Law Regional Academy

Graphic arts course


Custom web development

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