AI forecasts for the nearest and distant future

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Current AI Trends and Future Insights

12 min read

With the development of smart technologies, Artificial Intelligence has gradually entered our lives. From photo editing and transportation services to security systems and process automation – hardly any field is left untouched. Let us discover what the future holds for AI and how it will affect us.

Photo of a professional microphone

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

How to create your own radio station app?

9 min read

Online radio stations are a popular alternative to mp3 players and music streaming services for all users who want to enjoy quality audio content using their mobile devices. Read this article to learn how to build and monetize such type of software.

Gears depicting CRM system testing

Written by Vladimir Pozdnyakov

CRM Testing: Why Your Business May Fail without It

8 min read

Failures of CRM systems lead to failures of customer deals and a consequent profit loss. CRM testing becomes a necessity for companies that want to avoid this outcome. This article will explain how testing prevents companies from CRM-based business risks.

Man looking for investors via laptop

Written by Artem Medvediev

17 Tips for Startups: Getting Smart Investments

10 min read

Many startup owners lack information on why they shouldn’t target random people with money but seek investors with experience, connections, and a good understanding of your market. This article will give you a tasty and healthy food for thought!

Digital face symbolizing AI-based mobile apps

Written by Anastasiia Shibeko

10 Best AI Apps for Smartphones in 2020

7 min read

The implementation of artificial intelligence is a must for digital entrepreneurs because they help business stay marketable and competitive. To prove this point, our article provides a list of 10 successful AI apps that attract thousands of users in the US each day and keep strong positions.

Price chart on a screen

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

AI in Stock Trading: Benefits, Safety Measures, and Essential Features

13 min read

Stock market demands careful predicting, fast decision making, and a high resistance to stress. Sounds like a perfect job for Artificial Intelligence! This article describes the benefits of using AI solutions for stock trading and several strategies of using them for profits.

Textbooks for learning programming languages

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Top Programming Languages of the Last Decade and Best Choices for 2020

10 min read

Choosing a programming language to learn means defining your nearest (and possibly distant) future. Lucky for you, we have compiled and analyzed several ratings over the last decade to aid you in making an informed decision for 2020.

hybrid vs native application

Written by Anastasiia Shibeko

Native App vs. Hybrid App: Comprehensive Comparison

10 min read

Knowing the difference between native and hybrid technologies helps business owners get the most efficient solution based on their resources and app’s purpose. In this article, these technologies are compared by five criteria that are important for business to help entrepreneurs with their choice.

Global network of smart devices

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

9 Prominent Benefits of IoT for Business

7 min read

Smart devices are gradually becoming an essential part of the modern everyday life. However, when millions of such devices are connected in the global network – the Internet of Things – they reveal their true power. Let us look at the potential benefits of implementing IoT solutions in business.