Depiction of a real library interior symbolizing Python libraries

Written by Irina Popova

Top 10 Python Libraries for Machine Learning

12 min read

Python scientific and numeric libraries help to implement reliable machine learning models and put them into production fast and easy. This article will provide you with a general description of 10 best Python libraries and explain what benefits they bring developers and business owners.

A girl immersed in virtual reality

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Virtual Reality in Medicine

10 min read

Virtual reality is widely used in entertainment industry due to incredible immersive experience it offers. However, due to this and other benefits, it has a great potential of implementation in medicine. This article describes top ten implementations of VR that may change the healthcare industry.

Picture of boats at Malta seafront area

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Light IT attends the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit 2019

2 min read

Only few data science conventions can compete with the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit in terms of its magnitude and significance. Two delegates from Light IT have recently returned from this event are are eager to share their experience and impressions in this article.

Man in a yellow hoodie and a road

Written by Denis Kovalenko

Software Development Team vs Freelancer: Ultimate Comparison

15 min read

Many startup and business owners who have never dealt with outsourcing their software product development don’t know who to choose – a freelancer or a company. Read our ultimate comparison that will help you to solve this dilemma.

Web Summit in Lisbon 2019

Written by Marina Korobka

Light IT at Web Summit in Lisbon

3 min read

Every person who is interested in business and technology wants to visit Web Summit, because it is a fertile ground for growth. This year, our Denis Kovalenko and Artyom Medvedev, and everyone who came to Lisbon to participate in a conference got tons of useful information, connections, technological advancements, and more.

Figma versus Sketch battle

Written by Alexandr Lobachev

Figma vs. Sketch: Which Tool Is Better?

12 min read

Figma and Sketch are the tools that help specialists make attractive and functional designs in a short time. The battle between them is fierce, so it’s difficult to understand which tool makes it possible to deliver efficient design solutions, and this article is about to figure it out.

Interface of a code editor

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Why Use PHP? Main Advantages and Disadvantages

10 min read

Let’s face the facts: PHP is not the fastest, easiest or prettiest programming language. However, despite all that, it is still among the top ten most popular languages and keeps dominating the web development area. Lets us find out the reasons for its popularity and compare PHP with its rivals.

Machine learning-based hand of a robot

Written by Anastasia Shibeko

10 Benefits of Machine Learning for Business

12 min read

Modern business is data-driven, and as companies start to use more data, human abilities become not enough to manage it. Machine learning automates data handling, at the same time, offering nine more benefits to help a business expand and become more profitable. Learn these benefits in our article.

Android-based smartphone running native apps

Written by Anastasia Shibeko

7 Reasons to Choose Android Native Development

7 min read

Native Android solutions are highly profitable because they let companies cover a great audience and keep high user satisfaction at the same time. Yet, their benefits aren’t limited to the user criteria and if you want to know what else native Android apps offer, open this article.