Python has proven to be one of the best programming languages ever created to this day. It is great in many ways, because this programming language is easy to learn and easy to work in comparison with similar back-end technologies.

But Why Python?

Back to 2015, before our courses transformed into Light Academy, there was one course on the Python programming language. Lack of good Python developers on the market and a growing demand for them were the primary reasons why Python was our first choice.

The success of the first course was tremendous, because when we announced the beginning of our training courses, we received more than 300 applications from people who want to be in IT. 

Our Python course graduates

Since it was the first course, we decided to make it small. Twelve students is a good number, because lessons are more productive when the amount of people in the classroom is closer to ten. Another reason why we consider the very first course successful is the fact that eleven students out of twelve showed very good results and after graduation got accepted into the Light IT team.

Best Things in Life are Free

Our Python course has two distinguishing features – a high-quality program and zero payment for getting this knowledge. Our teachers get stronger with every new course as well as the course program that transforms and changes to keep up with changes on the market. 

We don’t give knowledge on development from scratch, and in order to become our student each person needs to solve one task, because we need to know that our students have basic background in development. Our goal is to fill gaps in their knowledge, make the information structured and arranged. Since our Python courses are free, it is only logical to ask for getting basic knowledge in advance.

And the SIXth but Not Least…

And now, we are happy to announce that we’ve started the sixth Python course that will last till February 2020. So, if you see your future as a Python developer and want to be among successful Light Academy students, then don’t forget to track our news to increase your knowledge and skills, and who knows, to become one of the greatest developers ever!