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Our Expertise

Grow your business, reach out to new audiences, generate higher revenue, implement any tech ideas with ease, and stay ahead of the competition with the help of Light IT Global’s well-rounded team.

Hire as many experts as you might need to cover all of your company’s IT needs. Build market-ready software, incorporate tech innovations, make fully compliant digital systems, create engaging, user-friendly UI/UX, and more, all while saving costs, time, and effort.

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Our Expertise

Software Engineering
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Web Development
Mobile App Development
Blockchain Development
Embedded Software & IoT
Smart TV Application Development
SaaS Development

Cloud Engineering
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Cloud Migration
Cloud Modernization
Cloud Consulting

Quality Assurance & Testing

AI/ML & Data Science
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Data Science
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Big Data & Analytics

UX/UI Design

Cyber Security

Our Tech Stack

Back-end Development

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Front-end Development

Typescript logo vector Typescript
Javascript logo vector Javascript
Angular logo vector Angular
React JS logo vector React JS
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Vue JS logo vector Vue JS
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Databases & Search

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Web3, Blockchain & DApp Development

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Flow logo vector Flow
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Data Mining & Processing

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Mobile Development

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AI/ML & Chatbots

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Cloud Solutions

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How Our Processes Make Clients Happy

We understand what exactly should be provided to the client at every stage of the implementation process to make them happy. It is much more than just the development itself.
The Outcomes
Comprehensive Business Analysis and feasibility studies to give your business goals and needs a clear definition
In-depth market and competition research presented to you via valuable insights, SWOT analysis results, action items, profiling, and product/comparison
A precise end goal for the project that perfectly fits the targeted market and audience
Several options for technical solutions to suit your needs, budget, and vision
Accurate product development time and cost
Why We’re Better
You’ll be fully immersed in the project and market analysis processes and better understand your own product. Get an opportunity to revise your product from different angles and discover its full potential
You will hire not just task performers. You will get a team of experts who are not afraid to voice their opinions on how things should be implemented and what shouldn’t be done at all
You’ll have access to our profound industry expertise to build and reinforce a well-established business
All your expectations will be met. We make sure you receive a digital solution that is both innovative and cost-effective
How You Will Feel
Confidence and excitement that you receive a best-tailored solution aligned with your business objectives
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Benefit from Custom Software That Boosts Profits

Services for Your Business Growth

Software Engineering
Custom Software Development
Dedicated Teams Formation
Software Audit & Consulting
Maintenance & Support
For Startups
Digital Product Prototyping
Product Discovery
MVP Development
Data Engineering
Data Science
Big Data / Data Processing
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We found the most impressive about Light IT Global their engagement and availability as well as their focus on quality. Our cooperation was very successful, and the process was really clear. Mamadou Djigo Senegal Country Director, Head of QA
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We always felt that the project team was working on our behalf and our tight collaboration produced excellent results. David Yudovich CEO
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Everyone tries to do their best to deliver and match the bar we set! They’re incredibly professional and knowledgeable about their field and its best practices. Oleksandr Borysov Director Of Technology
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