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Custom Healthcare Software Development

Resolve an array of business challenges and get ample business opportunities by investing in bespoke healthcare software development provided by experienced IT specialists.

Medical facilities use our software daily
Countries adopted the use of software developed for our customers
HIPAA-compliant solutions created
Users use our digital products
Medical facilities use our software daily
HIPAA-compliant solutions created
Countries adopted the use of software developed for our customers
Users use our digital products

Custom Healthcare Software Development Services

Leverage custom healthcare software development to the fullest, opt exclusively for IT services complementing and reinforcing your business model and strategy. Receive a comprehensive consultation, outsource specific tasks or the whole project, augment your current tech crew, or hire professionals that know how to deliver smooth end-to-end solution implementation.

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Healthcare IT Consulting

Learn how state-of-the-art technology may supply your healthcare startup or medical company get more data-driven insights, eliminate existing blockers, and transform plans into tangible results. Leverage all of the power of business analysis, risk management, business process automation, cybersecurity assessment, and business intelligence to boost operational efficiency, cut costs, and achieve set goals.

Product Discovery & Design

Custom Healthtech Software Development

Dedicated Team Formation

Custom Healthcare Software Development Solutions

Cloud Healthcare Solutions

Cloud healthcare solutions offer various benefits for business owners. Cloud simplifies the operation of nearly all digital tools a modern healthcare business might need (from EHR software to IoT-powered devices and analytical platforms). It helps to save time and money required for infrastructure management, facilitates staff optimization, enhances data security, and streamlines communication between practices as well as team members within one facility.
When implemented correctly, going cloud is not only beneficial but simple and fast. Light IT Global’s experts know how to make even the most complex medical software cloud-based and how to make the whole migration process seamless for your organization.


Maximum flexibility and scalability

Interoperability is easier to achieve

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Our Expertise

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Data Science

Unleash the potential of data-driven decisions by implementing the most effective Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning-driven healthcare software development.

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Increase transparency and safety of all processes with decentralized supply chain management, Blockchain-based medical records, smart contracts, drug traceability solutions, and Blockchain-powered genomics software.

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Compliance Testing and Audit

Achieve your business goals while meeting compliance requirements essential for your region (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.). Secure sensitive information, prevent data loss, ensure PHI integrity, and avoid compliance violation penalties.

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Benefit from marker-based and markerless Augmented Reality solutions, VR-enabled simulation-based software for effective medical training, advanced telemedicine, AR/VR products for surgical planning and assistance, patient education, and rehabilitation.

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SaaS Development

Employ Light IT Global’s end-to-end multi-tenancy application design and implementation services. From MVP creation to cloud migration and post-production. The most sought-after industry-specific digital products include CRM, EHR, and hospital management systems, on-demand homecare, analytics, and payment modules integration.

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Cyber Security

Ensure the highest security level for your project. Implementing a thorough digital protection strategy with vulnerability assessment, intrusion prevention and detection measures, security mоnitoring, and event management.

Who We Help with Healthcare Software Development

Any company preparing to enter or already working on the modern healthcare market can make use of healthcare software development. The application of tech innovations to enhance operational efficiency may vary depending on multiple factors (including location and company size), yet it is always possible to create a sustainable custom digitalization strategy that will yield results for a specific entity.
Over the years, Light IT Global has brought to life dozens of custom solutions for different types of companies operating in different corners of the world.
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Hospitals and Health Systems

Streamline complex operations, manage all the key processes at once, automate time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks, simplify communication between teams and departments.
Light IT Global will safeguard not only prime healthcare software development for your entity but the seamless integration of all newly-developed digital products into the existing infrastructure and further maintenance of the whole environment.
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Pharmaceutical Companies

Automate and digitalize the whole pharmaceutical product development cycle, where each stage of the process is performed by well-trained advanced software.
Control and improve everything from clinical trial and laboratory information management to product traceability and marketing automation.
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Medical Device Manufacturers

Benefit from effortless and precise data collection, remote device monitoring, and profound analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Optimize product design, production cycle, and maintenance, decrease time-to-market, and safeguard comprehensive quality control utilizing bespoke solutions created to accommodate your entity’s every need.
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Health Insurance Companies

Facilitate claims processing, protect your business from fraud, manage risks more easily, and make balanced data-driven decisions.
Transform actionable insights into better user experience, create a clear dialogue with the audience, and increase overall transparency and accountability.
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Research Organizations

Utilize technological advancements to close the gap between life-changing scientific discoveries and the actual application of said findings.
Enrich your tech arsenal with powerful, innovative tools that will help you get constant access to reliable data, accurate analysis outcomes, and trouble-free communication with the representatives of the global research community.
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Clinics & Private Practices

Software by Light IT Global will help your business gain a competitive edge, stand out among the rivals, and attract new clients.
Bring your company’s performance to a new level by implementing the most innovative industry practices, decreasing the risk of medical and operational errors, and ensuring flawless scalability as your business grows.

Why Healthcare Businesses Trust Light IT Global


Faster Time-to-Market with Real-Life MVPs

Launching a product that has yet to be tested out goes against the ground rules of the healthcare industry. Not only can it cost the company a fortune, but it can also have a detrimental effect on people's lives. Here, it is essential to combine velocity, quality, and reassurance in the product's final output.
At Light IT Global, we help healthcare companies validate their ideas by creating Minimum Viable Products before spearheading them into the market. Our teams make sure your product will work before you have to invest in it further. And when you do, we make sure to apply tools, expertise, and methodologies that would ensure cost efficiency and tangible results within a set deadline.

Patented Software Delivery Framework

We approach software development from our clients’ perspective, gauging technology solutions to eradicate business issues and maximize growth opportunities. To do so, we introduced SDPDF™ – Software Delivery Process Definition Framework. Combining the best aspects of various development models, the framework allows for a personalized approach toward each business scenario.
Our clients claim that the most significant benefits of SDPDF™ are its cost-effectiveness, improved project management, risk reduction, and unprecedented adaptability to volatile project conditions.

Flexible Scalability

Partnering up with Light IT Global feels like having an enormous in-house development team without the need to pay extra. Scale up and down on the go and pay only for the development resources your business needs at the moment. Is there an incredible growth opportunity? We are here for you with a vast, diverse, and extensive talent pool ready to jump in within days.
Is there a hurdle, and you need to slow down a bit? We understand and will amend your team the way you need. We take care of the result and do it the way you need it.

Proven Industry Expertise

When developing solutions that alter the quality of people's lives, there is no room for beginners. Light IT Global is a team of experts with decades of experience in bringing cutting-edge healthcare solutions to life.
Advanced technical background, coupled with an in-depth industry prowess, renders us a trusted healthcare software development partner.

Comprehensive Compliance

Compliance isn't recommendatory; it's compulsory in the healthcare industry. As an example, an EHR/EMR platform that won't stand a penetration testing audit (one of the critical HIPAA-compliance requirements) isn't worth building. At Light IT Global, we make sure your healthcare solutions reach the market being compliance audit ready.
We cover both international and regional regulatory compliance standards, such as HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, and others. With vast experience in the healthcare domain, we build legally-impeccable solutions that protect businesses by safeguarding their clients' data.

Strategic Approach

The healthcare software market is one of the most volatile ones due to the ever-changing scope and nature of the end users’ needs. With cross-functional expertise in healthcare software development, covering both tech and business aspects of healthcare products and solutions, we build solutions that last both technology and market-wise. Our digitalization strategies do not expire, as we embed scalability, flexibility, and market relevancy into the solutions we build from the onset.
Each feature implementation or technology choice is backed up by careful research and thorough evaluation. As a result, you can be sure that no unnecessary functionality will make it to the final release.

Healthcare Software Security Standards & Certifications

Light IT Global provides healthcare software development services in strict compliance with the key global healthcare industry regulations, standards, and best practices. We focus on guaranteeing the highest level of security and data protection for every solution that is being developed. Despite the project’s size, specifics, or complexity, our clients can be sure that all the sensitive information is safe.

A passion for technological excellence paired with a profound healthcare industry expertise

All the benefits of adaptive development are combined with predictability and estimation precision even for the most complex projects

Security-focused development is driven by NIST Special Publication 800-218 (Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF)

Full compliance with healthcare industry standards and regulations like HIPAA and GDPR

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What Is Custom Healthcare Software Development?

Custom healthcare software development is a process of creating any kind of digital solution for a specific healthcare business. It is aimed at resolving particular problems, implementing certain ideas, and meeting specific requirements that the customer might have. The vendor’s responsibility here is to find the best technical solution that will fit the customer’s concept.
The process can be divided into multiple phases: discovery, design, development, deployment, and maintenance. Depending on the customer’s needs, a vendor can be responsible for all of the stages (end-to-end development) or only for some of them (e.g., the customer requires assistance only with coding and QA part but not with maintenance).
Unlike out-of-the-box solutions, custom software contains only the features that were approved by the customer and have actual business value. The business owner doesn’t have to pay extra for the functionality they won’t use, spend extra time figuring out a complicated interface, or training the staff. Moreover, custom software development providers usually offer at least some kind of a guarantee period during which any bugs or performance issues will be fixed for free.

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