More than 9 years of successful supplying large and middle-scale businesses with high-professional IT-specialists allows us to offer you:

  • effective performance on even the most complex tasks;
  • reduction of expenses and work-time;
  • improved efficiency and high-quality support service.

We bring to your project an already well-built team, perfectly coordinated by our representative, so all you have to do is to set your business needs and product requirements.


As Steve Jobs mentioned, people are the key resource for the success of every company, so Light IT is ready to provide high-level IT-professionals on outstaffing terms. As a result you will get:

  • strong intellectual instructions that would support accelerated project development;
  • possibility to involve and reinforce your team with rare professionals for a reasonable price;
  • retrenchment of costs implied by big number of in-office workers.

Outstaffing management system is an acknowledged way for improved proficiency and good base for building-up a multi-level motivation system.

IT Consulting

Our service is aimed to improve proficiency and performance capability of your business or separate project. Unfortunately, without profound guidance even the most brilliant team can encounter difficulties. Professional IT-consulting:

  • will bring the project to further development from the dead-end and cut down the number of ineffective working hours;
  • optimize the technological processes inside and outside the project;
  • improve both technical and academic level of your working team.

Implementing professional IT consulting is a strong management decision that would grant increased productivity for your project.


For your project we will gladly provide service of well-trained IT-specialists. Our professionals mainly specialize on PHP, Python, Front-End and mobile development. Though we can also help to involve specialists with more rare skills. We check the skill level of every our worker and can guarantee high-quality service. Besides, we can consult you on which platform it’s better to choose for you project and which employees it will require for efficient development process.


ETL (Extract, Transform, Load – literally “extraction, conversion, loading”) is one of the main processes in data warehouse management which includes:
– Extraction of data from external sources;
– Data transformation and purification so that it corresponds to the needs of the business model;
– Data uploading to the data warehouse.

Unomy is a multi-purpose, business intelligence tool which comprehensively collects a huge amount of information about every online company from thousands of sources around the web, so that user and his business will be able to easily track, monitor and understand all of your competitors and clients.

AdaptRM is a revolutionary time-tracking tool which supports multiple devices and can really help people who are frustrated with the tedium and inefficiency of manual time tracking.

We Are Awesome!

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In our company we try to find the perfect balance between hard work and pleasurable pastime. We believe that happy people tend to be more efficient and creative. Besides, friendly and healthy relations cut down stress and bring satisfaction from work within great team. We like what we do and we are glad to see happy employees making up Light-IT company!