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Education Software Development Services

Keep your business practices up with the ever-evolving digital landscape of education app development. Opt for custom digital solutions that are particularly tailored to help you achieve business goals faster.

Accredited educational institutions use our software daily
Learning programs and online courses delivered via our educational platforms
Countries use the software developed for our clients
Users leverage our solutions
Accredited educational institutions use our software daily
Countries use the software developed for our clients
Learning programs and online courses delivered via our educational platforms
Users leverage our solutions

Our education software development services

When it comes to the digitalization of the education industry, companies of all levels might face various challenges and have different requests as well as IT needs. Light IT Global focuses on catering custom end-to-end services that are not limited to software development and are aimed to help each business thrive.

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Educational IT Consulting

To make sure thousands spent on e-learning app development do not go to waste, start the process with comprehensive IT consulting. Light IT Global’s experienced business analysts, advisors, and technical experts are always ready to create an easy-to-follow strategy for your business. This way, you can be certain of your needs and vision being taken care of. It will also provide you with maximum control over each further step of the software development if something unexpected appears or you choose to involve another education software development company.

Product Discovery & Design

Custom Education Software Development

Dedicated Team Formation

Custom Educational Software Development Solutions

Online Learning & Tutoring Platforms

Provide your audience with a useful, convenient, and engaging way to learn with feature-packed digital platforms they can use anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Provide an array of benefits online education can offer both to students and teachers. Help each and every person involved in the educational process achieve their goals faster while keeping them invested at all times.




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Our Expertise

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Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and other types of Artificial Intelligence are widely recognized and commonly used technologies among educational market players and software development companies. AI/ML-powered solutions help businesses maximize personalization, commit to adaptive learning practices, automate various data-based tasks like assessment and grading, provide career counseling, and get more valuable insights as a result of data analysis.

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Cyber Security

Protect sensitive data your students and customers entrusted you with. Safeguard research and intellectual property that may be of interest to cybercriminals, competitors, or even state-sponsored actors. Prevent cyberbullying and online harassment. Incorporate the most efficient cyber security measures as a part of a comprehensive digital protection strategy and safeguard the integrity of the e-learning process.

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Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud solutions development services are considered “the golden standard” of e-learning software development among providers and customers alike. It has proven to be budget-friendly, low-maintenance in terms of infrastructure, secure, and scalable. At the same time, cloud solutions offer a wide range of collaborative and administrative tools that enhance the learning experience, streamline operations, and facilitate uninterrupted communication and collaboration between students, educators, and researchers worldwide.

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While augmented reality and virtual reality have been named among the top tech trends in the IT world for several years in a row now, not many education software development companies have the means or expertise to deliver such a request. Light IT Global has experience creating custom AR/VR web apps for educational businesses, which helped them increase engagement, improve knowledge retention, and achieve overall better student learning outcomes.

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The use of distributed ledger technology in education was popularized only a few years ago, and many companies working in the education sector don’t even consider introducing Blockchain-powered technology into their workflow. In the meantime, Blockchain serves as a reliable tool for academic credential verification, intellectual property protection, student and educator identity verification, transparent record keeping, and a multitude of other time- and resource-consuming tasks.

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Big Data

The matter of data collection, processing, and retrieval is often overlooked by education business owners during web or mobile app development. However, Big Data not only allows you to directly influence students’ performance in a positive way by creating more personalized education programs or receive accurate predictions about future performance, it also can help you adjust resource allocation and recruitment strategies as well as assess the efficiency of your chosen business model.

Who We Help With Educational Software Development

The e-learning market is one of the fastest-growing, which means there are plenty of opportunities not only for education services providers and education software development companies but also for all kinds of businesses operating in this industry.
If you own a private school or an education center for children, if you plan to launch a startup, or are just interested in how education software development can be useful for you, Light IT Global is ready to help you achieve your goals. Over the last 15 years, our education software development company worked with dozens of accredited educational institutions, hundreds of tutors, content creators, K-12 supplemental education providers, education publishers, language learning centers, researchers, and entrepreneurs willing to establish an effective system of corporate education. We create state-of-the-art software that brings value and makes our clients stand out among the competition.
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Educational Facilities

Light IT Global develops a wide variety of custom digital solutions for all types of educational facilities. We build web and mobile apps for K-12 education, colleges, universities, early childhood centers, technical and vocational schools, special education centers, virtual learning centers, etc.
Our educational app developers can help you simplify the interaction between teachers, students, and back office staff members, introduce tech innovations to boost engagement and retention rates, improve business efficiency by means of automation, and resolve any other business challenges you might have.
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Assessment & Testing Providers

The process of creating, administering, and scoring assessments and tests is complicated and highly sensitive. It requires utmost precision and attention to detail which can only be achieved by means of digitalization.
Light IT Global’s development team can craft and implement a step-by-step strategy that will help your company scale operations more efficiently, serve a larger number of clients and test-takers without proportionally increasing the workforce, create easily customizable assessments tailored to the clients' specific needs, enhance test security, and facilitate adaptive testing. Our business analysts will help you define the most important areas that need attention and tech support, and our web development and mobile app development experts will get the job done.
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EdTech Startups

Online education industry encourages new market players to be creative and open to new ideas in order to earn their place in the sun. And the best way to unleash your creativity without risk is to partner with a reputable software development company.
For over 15 years Light IT Global has assisted educational startups in all kinds of custom software development. Our specialists use their skills and profound understanding of the education industry to build web and mobile apps that will put our clients on the map. We can help you resolve any kind of task an EdTech startup may face. From creating simple MVPs that help to test out an idea or a concept to complex e-learning software development designed for particular equipment/devices and special needs software.
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Professional Development Providers

Upskilling and vocational training platforms creation are among the development services that will always be in high demand as companies all over the world and of all sizes will always require more professional and competent employees.
This essentially means that professional development providers will always be in need of education software development companies that can build custom software that makes corporate training more efficient. Light IT Global builds custom software that benefits professional development providers significantly enhancing their offerings, streamlining operations, and improving the overall experience for both instructors and learners.
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Student Support Services Providers

Comprehensive student support service is nearly impossible without a feature-packed yet stable custom software that automates and streamlines a myriad of tasks a provider should complete. Things like document and case management, appointment scheduling, student tracking, and even crisis response planning are dependent on IT solutions student support services providers use.
Light IT Global is ready to take that burden off of your business by developing an easy-to-use functional platform that is accessible to your staff and clients via any device. Keep track of every single aspect of your business, boost capacity and personalization, optimize the workflow, and improve data protection all at once by incorporating a well-thought-out end-to-end solution that serves your business goals.
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Education-related Government Agencies

Education-related government agencies are forced to tackle numerous technological and operational challenges on a daily basis. Some of the examples include a lack of special education support, compliance and reporting issues, poor resource allocation, and insufficient automation.
Light IT Global develops custom software solutions that are constructed to specifically meet each of the challenges education-related government agencies face. As a result, you receive a digital product that ensures the highest level of security while preserving high capacity and facilitating the operational efficiency of your organization.

Why Light IT Global Is the Education Software Development Company You Can Trust?


In-depth Industry Expertise

In the realm of education, where the impact on people's professional and personal lives is profound, the educational app development company’s expertise is paramount. At Light IT Global, we are a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in innovative custom software development.
Our deep technical knowledge, combined with a profound understanding of the education sector, positions us as a trusted partner in education software development. We are dedicated to enhancing learning experiences and empowering educational institutions with our expertise.

Scalability Made Affordable

Light IT Global is a custom software development company that keeps your business growth as a top priority. Hiring us means that you’ll have access to 100+ IT experts that are ready to meet your technological needs. You can always scale your software development team up and down depending on the current market situation, your perspective, and your strategy. But it doesn’t mean you have to pay extra in case of unexpected changes. Our software development company guarantees that every customer is charged only for human and time resources that are actually being used. Enjoy maximum flexibility and scalability while keeping your IT budget reasonable!

Unique Delivery Framework for Excellent Results

The core custom software development principle Light IT Global espouses is putting the customer’s needs first. Our patented Software Delivery Process Definition Framework was created to make the education software development process as personalized, smooth, predictable, and cost-effective as possible.
According to our clients, SDPDF™ has proven to improve various aspects of software development, simplify communication and project management, reduce education app development costs, minimize associated risks, and provide customers with maximum control over software development.

Focus on Personalization & Adaptive Learning

One-size-fits-all training approaches often fail to address individual learning needs. Our web and mobile development solutions incorporate personalized and adaptive learning features tailoring educational and training content and assessments to each student's skills, abilities, and preferences.
By choosing our software development company as your technological partner you make sure digital solutions that enter the market under your brand bring out the best in your audience, are useful, and, as a result, profitable.

Targeting Сompliance

Education is one of the industries where both businesses and software development companies are obligated to adhere to strict compliance requirements in order to protect sensitive information provided by the users. This is especially important for accredited educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities.
Another way compliance has become an integral part of educational software development is through comprehensive staff training, which is the most overlooked aspect of creating a compliant and ethical organizational culture. Being a trusted software development company with many years of experience in the education field, Light IT Global targets every compliance-related aspect of software development. We not only build compliant solutions for educational companies, but we also deliver software that streamlines compliance management, ensures your employees stay up to date with required certifications, and provides automated reminders for renewal.

No More Time-to-market Pressure

One of the main reasons education app development services are sought-after and will continue to remain popular in the years to come is the ever-growing demand for web and mobile apps that are innovative, engaging, and accessible. In this regard, one of the greatest benefits education software development companies can offer their customers is fast time-to-market.
Rapid software development cycles perfected by Light IT Global will help your business stay ahead of the competition. Our expertise in Agile development methodologies ensures faster time-to-market, allowing startups to seize opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

Education Software Security Standards & Certifications

To provide our clients with first-rate software development services, Light IT Global strictly follows all pertinent security standards and compliance regulations within the education industry. This commitment establishes a robust groundwork for creating impactful digital education solutions that enhance academic effectiveness, facilitate interinstitutional cooperation, and foster a strong educational brand.

Dedication to innovation shines through in the creation of education software that resonates with the diverse needs of learners

Adherence to NIST SP 800-218 practices ensures the highest level of software development security

Custom education software created by Light IT Global meets all of the regulatory compliance requirements like FERPA, PPRA, PIPEDA, etc

The flexibility and responsiveness of adaptive development are paired with accurate estimations and overall implementation predictability

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What Is Education Software Development?

Education software development is a term used to describe the process of creating software applications, platforms, or digital tools specifically designed for use in educational settings.
It includes different types of software creation like:

By device: mobile app development and web development

By purpose: custom software development and commercial software development

By development methodology: Agile software development, Waterfall software development, CI/CD, etc

By tech stack: Back-end, front-end, and full-stack software development

Educational software solutions are typically built to support various aspects of teaching, learning, administration, and management within the education sector. Such products can be used in K-12 schools, higher education institutions, corporate training programs, and other learning environments.

Is Custom Educational Software Development Better?

How to Choose an Education Software Development Company?

Is Education Mobile App Development Important?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Learning Management System?