Exciting news, everyone! Light IT’s first professional promo video is finally here, and it is awesome! It’s one minute of epic narration, captivating images, dynamic music, and familiar faces. That’s right, some of our specialists decided to embrace their acting talents and volunteered to star in this video clip. Shooting the scenes made them step out of their comfort zones, but they have nailed their roles and delivered sincere acting.

One minute of awesomeness

In this video, we intended to share our passion for coding, the feeling of teamwork, and the satisfaction from providing high-quality products. The beats of the soundtrack reflect the intense nature of the agile development process and the “no-time-to-chill” spirit of sprints. Check it for yourselves and watch the clip in the embedded video player right on this page.

It is a pity that the time limit prevented us from showing other aspects of working in Light IT. We are sure that further videoclips will manage to convey at least a tiny hint of the warm and friendly atmosphere that reigns in our office. Hopefully, you will like it as much as we do!

We hope that this short video is the forerunner of the future stream of video content or even the regularly scheduled series in a video blog. We have so much to share with our interested audience: our achievements, interesting cases, insights and tips from our experts, educational materials for our Academy students, and more.

It’s great to explore new areas and try something new while doing the job you love. Our marketing department is working hard to bring you interesting articles, and it has just taken the first step on the path of video content. Stay in touch, and we will deliver more video clips in the future.