Unomy is a multi-purpose, business intelligence tool which comprehensively collects a huge amount of information about every online company from thousands of sources around the web, so that user and his business will be able to easily track, monitor and understand all of your competitors, clients, partners, affiliates and prospects and all other groups of companies you interact with. Unomy allows you to instantly gather all of your intelligence efficiently, and accurately, saving you time, effort, money and unnecessary stress. Unomy delivers all of user’s desired intelligence information in one accessible platform which we hope and believe will help you make more informed business decisions, and enable you to remain on top of your competitive environment and constantly up-to-speed with everything that happens in your market.

Category: PHP, Symfony

PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Angular.js, Router, Restangular, UI-Bootstrap, Lodash, jQuery, Grunt, CSS, SASS, Compass, HTML5, Mercurial