ETL Software

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load – literally “extraction, conversion, loading”) is one of the main processes in data warehouse management which includes:
– Extraction of data from external sources;
– Data transformation and purification so that it corresponds to the needs of the business model;
– Data uploading to the data warehouse.
ETL software makes it possible to design and execute the solutions of the tasks described above.

The target audience is a business with large volumes of stored data, ETL-developers.
Types of users in the application – Admin, read-only admin, regular user, read-only user.



Category: Angular, CSS3, Django, DRF, Html5, Python, WebSocket

Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, Haystack, Channels, Celery, Angular 1 (UI-Router, Controller As syntax), SASS, CSS3, HTML5, LoDash, NPM, Bower, Gulp, Eslint, Websockets, Git, Token based authentication, Localstorage.