AdaptRM is a revolutionary time-tracking tool which supports multiple devices and can really help people who are frustrated with the tedium and inefficiency of manual time tracking. It supports multiple devices, varied billing arrangements, simplified invoicing, or the tracking of non-billable time. Most importantly, it actually SAVES users time when it came to time tracking. Project consists of 2 parts: browser and program. In the browser side user can add activities, assign them to clients and projects, form invoices and send them out to the clients. Program part presents a client which runs on desktop or mobile device and gathers all user activity and sends out to the server. In case data amount is sufficient these activities are automatically added to the project. We’ve implemented server-side code of this outstanding application as well as worked on front-end side of things.

Category: Django, Python

Python, Django, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud sql, restapi framework, bootstrap, backbone, modernizr, javascript, html5/css3