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Making Fintech industry better with all kinds of innovations

If you're already in the Fintech industry, you understand the importance of having your own personal finance management software. What we do here is providing companies with all kinds of finance software that helps our clients to meet their business needs. Many people believe that the best personal finance software doesn't exist, but you can be sure that once you choose us to solve your financial market software problems, we will put all efforts to make you fully satisfied with our solutions.

We provide

  • Digital Banking
  • Cards & Payments
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Trading Platforms
  • Exchange Platforms

Digital Banking

Online banking can be easy with mobile and web personal finance software designed specifically for your company. We create one-of-a-kind finance management software and ensure the top-quality result that makes companies come to us again with other financial software problems.

Cards & Payments

Online shopping continues to be on the rise and every financial service representative understands the importance of having good online payment system adjusted to fulfill everyone's needs. If your website requires personal finance software you can be sure to get one right here!


Our professional financial service solutions begin with developing websites and mobile applications from scratch and extend to integrated IT systems testing. Trust us to deal with your insurance company finance software integration and customization to succeed in your business area.

Financial Services

Light IT offers a wide range of solutions for large and small business finance software problems. We are universally good in improving lending processes and systems, as well as assisting companies with their payments and transfers processing. It's time to improve your financial services!

Blockchain Technology

All software and finance business trends are among our primary interests, and if you want to be successful you can fully rely on our professional financial services that include, but are not limited to developing all kinds of Blockchain based systems, and their further implementation.

Trading Platforms

Trading platforms had become one of the prime financial services. We choose not to stay aside this business area and offer our current and future clients customized binary options and trading bots software solutions, in addition to creating trading platform management systems.

Exchange Platforms

If your company operates in such business financial services field as currency exchange, you better rely on professionals for creating a unique crypto and regular currency exchange system. Solve your problems with home and business finance software solutions.

Fintech Projects

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John Hinson

Novachrom Web

Light IT handles a wide range of complimentary technical tasks, all with great communication and reliability, making our whole system come together. Many thanks to Alex and his team!

Time to Light up the Future of Finance

Our goal is to help companies to grow larger and stronger by giving them all kinds of finance software solutions and more. The answer to the question what is the best financial software is simple - the one that fully responds to your needs and is easy in navigation. When you come to the Light IT team with your business finance software problem, we won't offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, your case will be managed individually.

What distinguishes Light IT from similar companies is our desire to listen to our clients' wishes and ideas to create one-of-a-kind personal financial software. Thus, you can be sure that if you have some thoughts on, let's say, financial tracking software or Fintech startups, they won't be disregarded by our managers and developers. Use our vast experience in providing companies with top-quality financial planning software solutions to achieve success even faster than you think.

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