IT services outsourcing is a widespread practice among companies of all sizes for a valid reason. Such practice is beneficial in many ways, and despite the fact that it has both advantages and disadvantages outsourcing is a better choice than creating your own software development department if your company doesn’t need it on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you have a development team, outsourcing some tasks can upgrade skills of your specialists and open new horizons for the entire company.

Outsourcing services has certain benefits and risks, but the better development team you pick to work on your project, the more advantages you’ll get and the less number of risks you’ll face while cooperating. Below are the main reasons to choose a distant company for getting professional software.



Types of Outsourcing Business Practice

Despite of the variety of names, all types of outsourcing services have many things in common and they all imply hiring one person or a team that doesn’t relate to your company to handle your software or business tasks.

Depending on distance, there are three main types of IT services outsourcing:

What is onshoring nearshoring and offshoring


Onshoring is, basically, delegating some IT services or other business processes to a company located in the same city or country. The main benefit is smooth communication between a company-client and a development team.


This IT services outsource type implies that either both companies are located in the same time zone or the difference does not exceed 2 hours. Commonly, such close location implies cultural crossover share and includes certain advantages for the company.


Usually, time difference between two companies is at least 5 hours and by choosing this services outsource type, a company benefits from getting a good-quality product at lower costs.

Information technology services like software development and support need resources and their quality depend on development team. Having a personal development department is not a necessity and is more of a luxury, which is why companies use outsourcing.


Main Benefits of Outsourcing Information Technology

  • Cost Reduction. Delegating software development processes to a third party saves plenty of company’s resources. The reason why do organizations outsource some processes primarily lies in lower labor costs and other money-saving advantages in the outsourcing location. 
  • Time Saving. Among main benefits of outsourcing IT services is the speed and quality that come along with saving costs. You will get your product a lot faster in case if you hire a good development team that includes QA. Since your product is developed by skilled professionals you don’t need to spend time on seeking, hiring and training people for your project. You just tell the third party team what you want and need to get, and they start working on your project with no delay.
  • Professional Experience. In case if you manage software product development outsourcing wisely, you can find real jewels in the field of IT solutions. People who are both talented and have enough experience provide better services in a shorter amount of time. Working with professionals is always a pleasure, isn’t it?
  • Advanced Vision and Insights. Since development teams create software for companies engaged into different industries, they look at the task from perspectives you don’t even know they exist. These specialists are very likely to bring valuable ideas into your software, and make it unique and most efficient.
  • Fitting Technology Usage. Professionals always know what stack of technologies is best to use for each project. Most important, they know what technology should not be used to avoid hidden expenses occurrence in the long-term perspective. This reason is usually enough to answer the question “why outsource your IT services to a third party”.
  • New Perspective. Companies look at their software product only through their business objectives while any outsource development team will advise you to look at it from other perspectives as well. For example, software development specialists will point out flexibility flaws if they exist, check all features and logics from the user’s experience perspective, and are very likely to apply some changes based on predictive analytics. 
  • Reduced Risks. When you know for sure that your software is being developed by a team of professionals, you can be sure that everything will go smooth on the development stage and will stay smooth after software is launched. It is difficult to eliminate all low-cost software development risks, however, if you outsource this business task to a team or a company instead of staying with only one freelance specialist, they will handle the majority of occurring problems by themselves. So, you will do nothing, but enjoy the result of their work.
  • Quality Based on Motivation. Since software developers are still in demand as specialists, they have no lack of work and are motivated to finish your project with no delays. In addition, they are motivated to create software products of the highest quality, because once a company’s name is associated with a quality, this reputation is very likely to work better than any advertising campaign.
  • In Tune with the Trends. New development technologies such as programming languages, libraries, frameworks and other come too often and what was widely used a year ago may stop being used tomorrow. By choosing a software product outsourcing you get specialists who are always in tune with current and future trends, and understand where to use a well-known traditional technology, and where to apply a new one to achieve the best result possible.


Why Choose Ukrainian Developers?

Specialists living in Ukraine are well-known for their hard work, dedication and motivation to be among the best ones at what they do. Each country has hundreds of skilled software development professionals, but consider these bullet-point reasons to choose the ones from Ukraine:

  1. Highly-skilled specialists.
  2. Low labor costs.
  3. Extensive knowledge of English.
  4. Time difference flexibility.
  5. Constantly growing IT market in the area.
  6. Steady and favorable economy.
  7. Growing number of IT graduates.


To sum it all up…

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Among other things, good reputation in business depends on the quality of software. That is why, all digital compounds of your company must be user-friendly, bugless, and most efficient. If you need a website, a mobile application, complex CRM platform or any other digital product for the internal or external use, don’t hesitate to contact us and get the one that would fulfill your company’s needs. 

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