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We developed an API for internal use in a large company that has over 100,000 employees worldwide. This solution automates particular tasks in a website deployment process. It helps specialists to deploy hundreds of PHP websites, track errors, copy databases, and perform other related actions quickly and effectively.
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Easy Deployment of PHP Websites

Our client needed an automatization software to use exclusively inside the company’s infrastructure. Specifically, the client required a solution that facilitates the process of deploying numerous PHP servers. For example, one service of this API allows creating database snapshots of a particular website for a particular environment. The operator types a command in a corporate messenger or task manager that cooperates with this API, initiates a chain of queries to different services, and gets a link to the required database dump that can be downloaded, examined, copied, and used to deploy another website.
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Advantages for Business

The operation of our client’s company involves the creation of numerous websites for corporate purposes. We provided a multi-service software solution to make this complex process extremely fast and cost-efficient. As the first business advantage, the working hours required to deploy PHP websites were reduced by 15-20 times. It allows switching employees to other tasks while our solution performs deployments steps automatically. Another key advantage was the constant monitoring of websites’ operation with the help of automatically generated tickets in case of errors.

Over 6000 Environments Handled

A single API can work with thousands of environments.

30 Minutes to Get a Full DB Snapshot

The average time needed to obtain a full snapshot of a required database is half an hour.

98% Test Coverage

The combination of unit testing and mutation testing ensured superb quality.

x3 Automation

This solution allowed our client to triple the amount of automation on one of their digital marketing platforms.

Technical Implementation

To meet the client’s requirements, we developed an API that closely cooperates with Amazon Web Services and MySQL databases. The optimal choice of framework for such a solution was Chalice as it allowed the implementation of a serverless approach. We created the multi-service architecture, so every service has its own area of responsibility and functionality designed to cooperate with particular software, such as Jira or Slack. For example, one service cooperates with Jira and can open tickets automatically whenever a monitored server experiences an error. To obtain a database snapshot, this event-driven solution uses either ECS tasks or Lambda functions, depending on script execution time.
According to the World Economic Forum, automated solutions will perform 42% of all work tasks by 2022 and 52% by 2025. Prepare your business for the future using our expertise!

Why You Need a Similar Solution

In any industry, large enterprises have multiple routine processes that decrease their effectiveness. However, investing in solutions for digitalization and workflow automatization allows companies to reduce operational costs and improve productivity. In a long-term perspective, enterprises that implement automatization gain bigger profits from their goods and services and gain a competitive advantage on the market. That’s why a similar software solution will be highly demanded for internal corporate use in large companies.
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