The platform we built together with our client’s team is designed for hiring, and job-seeking purposes and covers both business-to-business and business-to-client segments. We made the system from scratch, and after its successful launch two years ago, we continue to upgrade it with new functionalities and features.
Recruiting platform design

Advanced Job Board Platform for China

This SaaS service for recruitment and hiring is designed to automate and optimize the process of seeking valid candidates for large companies. The type of the platform is not one-of-a-kind, but it has several functionalities that are unique for a job boarding service. Most interesting and useful functionalities are White Label interface, synchronization with multiple databases (including international and AI-based), integration with LinkedIn and WeChat messenger, referral program, custom currency, and more.
Recruiting platform design1

Advantages for Business

Companies cannot exist without good specialists, and Top20Talent helps to find them fast and easy. Its stack of functionalities and features can even replace entire recruitment departments. This service is convenient for job seekers as they can upload their CVs, update personal information, participate in referral programs, and get money each time their recommended candidate gets interviewed or hired. Benefits for companies include filtering candidates by profession, location, salary, etc., access to an extensive database, previous actions towards candidates, matching, standardized CVs, and more.

B2B and B2C

Both segments are successfully covered with one job board platform.

Asian Market

Companies in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries actively use Top20Talent.

Data Processing and AI

Predictive analytics in recruitment help companies to get perfect employees.

Awards and Achievements

Top20Talent won the award for “Best Recruitment Innovation,” and fairly was named overall “Grand Winner 2018” among all recruitment agencies!

Technical Implementation

The platform has its own secure candidate database and is integrated with multiple services like messengers and databases, including AI-based. One of the most interesting features is the White Label implementation, where the system automatically adjusts the interface color scheme to fit their clients’ brands. The B2C part of the platform has a unique digital currency (as a part of the referral program) that can be converted into real money. Integration with external databases includes advanced and safe synchronization to eliminate data duplication and conflict. This service is active on the market and is constantly upgraded by our team. These upgrades are challenging because the integrated databases don’t use testing servers, and our updates may somehow interfere with their logic functioning. However, the developed communication and software updating strategy solved the problem and made all system upgrades go smooth.
According to Forbes, an AI-powered recruiting platform automates up to 75% of the recruiting process.

Why You Need a Similar Solution

Similar platforms can be used for human resource management, peer-to-peer recruitment services, and many others. Functionalities and features implemented in this platform can be easily used for the needs of any industry. For example, you can apply them for marketplaces in retail, while the healthcare industry can use them for improved doctor-patient matching. With the right advanced technology like AI, you can get access to predictive analytics that can tell how well the candidate matches the job and forecast how long they will stay.
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