While working on this customer tracking IoT system, we significantly improved its performance and speed. This platform is aimed at processing data collected by the motion sensors for further marketing research, creating effective planograms, and increasing profit for retail stores.
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Big Data-Powered IoT Platform

This system collects and analyzes data on customers’ behavioral patterns and routes within stores. With this service, store owners can optimize their planograms, make customer experience most satisfying, and increase sales at the same time. Free Wi-Fi and motion sensors collect data on customers while the back-end side ensures data processing, clustering, storing, and showing it in convenient and informative formats (for example, live heatmaps).
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Advantages for Business

The advantages of this platform are tremendous. The Tapway platform is easy to monetize by offering its customer tracking and other functionalities to retail stores of all types and sizes. In fact, our client constantly increases the number of loyal and new clients by giving stores access to the system that shows what should be optimized to increase the number of satisfied customers and sales. Also, the system can be used for the staff’s working and routes optimization. Most importantly, the value of this platform goes far beyond the retail industry and extends to an even bigger number of companies as clients.

Up to 97%

After we optimized this tracking platform, its performance speed is faster than ever.

IoT + Big Data + Cloud Solutions

Together with ML, this combination changes the entire Retail industry for the better!

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Healthcare, Construction, Security

Technical Implementation

The client asked us to modify their already functioning platform to make it scalable and handle Big Data that came with the growing number of clients. We optimized the code responsible for sending requests to the database to make it possible and increase data processing speed from minutes to seconds. Our specialists provided a wide range of consulting, development, and testing services. In other words, we identified the problem, solved it, and made the system flexible and scalable. Cloud computing, big data, and data processing solutions make the system prepared for further integration of machine learning with its predictive capabilities.
According to Statista, global spending on the Internet of Things is forecast to reach 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022. Increase your profits and save money with the right software!

Why You Need a Similar Solution

Even though this platform was made for tracking and analyzing behavioral patterns of customers in retail stores of all sizes, it can be successfully implemented for any company that needs to manage and control all kinds of crowds and traffic. Also, by enhancing the functionality with AI or ML solutions, you’ll additionally get the best predictions and recommendations on improvements.
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