Smart Calendar

Our team created a complex calendar based on the client’s unique algorithm that aggregates and synchronizes data from multiple external users’ calendars. The system is presented in the form of two native apps for iOS and Android platforms.
Design of mobile apps for business calendar

Innovative Business Calendar

We built a unique platform that is an advanced calendar that also functions as the aggregator of other calendars such as Google Calendar, the ones on users’ mobile devices, etc. Our client developed a unique concept for the calendar synchronization algorithm and asked our team to transform it into a viable business product that would help its users arrange meetings and events in the most convenient way. When a user wants to create an event, the algorithm automatically checks the busy and free time of all event members and offers the most convenient variants.
Design of mobile apps for business calendar 1

Advantages for Business

This SaaS platform is easy to monetize because it is highly beneficial for enterprises, smaller businesses, and individual users like consulting managers. However, it is especially helpful for companies and teams with specialists working remotely. The system also solves the problem with the time zones difference; thus, event participants can be located in every corner of the world.

1 Back-end, 2 Native Apps

To fulfill all functional and business needs of the app, we used the Pyramid framework as the most suitable solution.

99,7% of Code Covered with Tests

We wrote over 15 000 lines of code for back-end, and 23 000 lines of code for tests.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Healthcare, Real Estate, Transportation

Technical Implementation

The client came to us with a request to create two separate native applications for Android and iOS platforms that would function on one back-end system. The choice of technologies for native mobile development was straightforward: Java and Swift, but the server side of the platform presented a challenge. When we started working on the project, it was clear that we weren’t the first who tried to help the client with his synchronization algorithm idea realization. Our specialists evaluated three existing back-end variants and offered to write an entirely new one in Python, which allowed us to succeed in this platform development and save money for our client. In addition to calendar incremental synchronization, we implemented such functionalities as event creation, voting, event time approving, etc.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Advanced calendars are “a must” for people frequently engaged in meetings; thus, you can benefit from creating such software for your company or your startup business needs. By having a similar solution, your team or you personally will be able to optimize time on scheduling and communication, because such software will fully automate these processes. It is only one example from many, so you can make money on this software in multiple ways. Besides, you can cover both iOS and Android with one cross-platform application and enhance your product with machine learning solutions.
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