Our team built a unique platform that accommodates functionalities for clinics, doctors, medical assistants, and patients. The ultraprecise hormone dosage calculator, advanced marketplace, and many other functional benefits make patient treatment most effective and convenient.
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From MVP to the Healthcare Ecosystem

Shortly after we created an MVP of this product, our client requested to build its full version. The core functionality was a highly precise calculator that allows doctors to calculate doses of hormones based on individual parameters. Step by step, this calculator grew into a healthcare ecosystem where doctors from different countries can see patients, prescribe treatment, store patient histories and all data on each injection, consult with other doctors, choose vendors on the built-in marketplace, etc.
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Advantages for Business

Our client’s business strategy and our consulting assistance on the planning stage of the project allowed us to create a platform that can be easily monetized in several ways. The subscription model includes several packages that provide access to all sets of functionalities or only access to the calculator. As another way of monetization, the marketplace offers an endless list of business opportunities and revenues. Basically, this platform is a host for clinics, pharmaceutical sellers, and people who need hormone treatment and willing to pay for it.

100% Precision

Each calculation is based on individual patient parameters and ensures maximum treatment safety.

Unlimited Possibilities

Clinics, doctors, patients and vendors have everything they need in one place.

HIPAA Compliance

Specialists and technologies engaged in the project are certified and meet HIPAA regulations.

Technical Implementation

Based on the client’s formula we developed an algorithm that calculates the most precise doses of hormonal injections and thoroughly tested it so no patient would be harmed. Creating this platform was truly interesting yet challenging because the final product also had to comply with patient confidentiality and financial regulations. As a result of our work, the platform has a multi-level access system so data on each patient is available only to their doctors. The marketplace we developed for the platform deserves special attention because it has a complex combination of a discount system, purchasing correlations, automatic ordering, and payment logics. The system also includes advanced reporting and automatically generates reports on memberships, dosages, orders, transactions, and others every 30 minutes.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Digital ecosystems that unite providers and customers from one or multiple countries are financially rewarding for both startups and established companies. AI and data processing solutions became more affordable for small businesses. Integrating them into your healthcare or another platform can help you to decrease expenses and increase revenue as well as the platform’s attractiveness to investors.
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