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We created an advanced ML-based platform aimed at training the communication and selling skills of managers from different companies by using intelligent voice chatbots. Each bot is unique and helps to simulate a real-time conversation on any scenario with a real person.
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Machine Learning for Staff Training

Our client’s requirements and goals combined with our expertise in business development and machine learning have resulted in a fully-functional training platform that allows creating a plethora of unique chatbots for individual and group training. To make the system function flawlessly, we modified and customized ML libraries, including ChatterBot. The end-client uses the platform as a browser-based service, which makes it convenient to offer as a service for many companies.
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Advantages for Business

This educational service increases the quality of manager-client communication while reducing costs on training. The platform allows managers responsible for staff training to receive reports after each call, leave comments on the audio track, and fill the chatbot’s database with the new information. Thus, managers can control, evaluate, and improve the training process and, as a result, increase the quality of problem solving, client satisfaction, sales, and brand loyalty.

Up to 47% Quality Increase

Employee training has already resulted in increased sales and customer retention.

4x Training Acceleration

Years of sales skills training are now reduced to 1-2 months.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Fintech (Banking), Retail, Healthcare

Technical Implementation

The platform was intentionally made with a limited ML functionality so that the system wouldn’t be able to automatically educate itself but could analyze questions and give proper answers. Each bot represents a client, and to simulate the conversation, we used speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies because of the back-end and front-end peculiarities. The client side of the platform is responsible for processing vocal data while the back-end side transforms it into text for processing and vice versa. All processes of receiving human speech, converting it into text, analyzing data, finding a correct answer, then transforming it back to the vocal format take milliseconds to ensure conditions close to real-life.
According to The Economist, 75% of executives say ML will be “actively implemented” in companies within the next three years.

Why You Need a Similar Solution

ML-based educational platforms can open new horizons for small companies and enterprises. Also, ML gives startups a massive business advantage on the market. Custom software can include both manual and automated database seeding, analytical and predictive functionality, and a lot more. Thus, you’ll be able to solve multiple business problems and use them for advanced staff skills development, adjusting business strategy to market conditions, and more.
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