We created an ML-driven eCommerce platform that helps men in the United States create and buy professionally styled outfits with zero effort. The system has continuous integration with worldwide brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and instantly generates the best outfit set for men, according to the chosen occasion or style.
Interface of a clothes marketplace

ML Solution for Men’s Fashion and Business

Our team created a complex eCommerce platform that generates sets of male clothing items based on the chosen occasion, style, or clothing item. Men who want to look stylish but don’t want to spend hours on shopping are free to use a sophisticated ML algorithm that gives results immediately. The platform functions as an aggregator of more than 1000 brand e-shops, and users can purchase items of different brands through Portefini. In addition to generating full sets, the system shows items made by other brands similar by type and color that can also be purchased via the Portefini platform.
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Advantages for Business

Aggregators allow people who want to create a business that won’t require production or manufacturing of goods. As a smart men’s wear brand aggregator, this platform is monetized by getting a percentage from each sale. The platform aggregates over thousand brands, targets only a male audience looking for getting a stylish outfit, offers shopping in one click, and shows various recommendations like “where to wear it” to simplify the purchasing process.

1 000+ Brands

Hugo Boss, Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and dozens of other brands are presented in Portefini.

ML + Big Data Mining&Processing + Cloud

The combination of advanced technologies and microservice architecture ensures the high-quality performance of the eCommerce system.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Media, Analytics, Entertainment.

Technical Implementation

To meet our client’s requirements and goals, we used Python and Django for the backend, which is responsible for processes like Big Data mining and processing. The platform has multiple integrations with external services like ML-driven aggregator (Visenze), payment (Stripe), purchase tax calculation (TaxJar), and many others. We implemented delayed loading to optimize platform performance, and continuous integration to ensure users always get an up to date range of items. Additionally, we solved the problem with size unification with regular equations, so the platform’s backend makes sure that users don’t have a negative experience with brand size differences. The system is based on cloud solutions and micro-service architecture. After we created a separate microservice for marketing processes, features that were impossible to realize are now easy to implement.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Aggregating services that include machine learning and cloud solutions and can mine and process large amounts of data require investments only in software development and promotion. Thus, once you create the platform for your business needs, you start earning money without spending resources on things like production. Aggregators are easily applied to every industry. It doesn’t matter whether you are engaged in travel, healthcare, or Fintech, you will get bigger profits with a software solution with logics similar to Portefini.
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