Mention Seeker

We created an advanced web platform that seeks and analyzes any mentions of companies in the media scene. The analysis results are obtained from various Internet sources using AI/ML and are presented in a illustrative and clear way. They give a lot of highly valuable information about a particular company, its competitors, and the relevant market.
Market analytics tool design

Comprehensive Market Analysis With Clear Visualization

Our client required a multifunctional web application to perform a complex market analysis and provide the results to a user in a convenient form with a lot of visualization and filtering options. The results presented as various types of charts and tables show the company’s position on the market in relation to its competitors. The market analysis is performed using AI and ML technologies and is based on various sources, including mentions in Youtube videos, tweets, job vacancy databases, or open profiles in social networks. This service attracts many clients, including individual analysts, analytics agencies, medium and small businesses, as well as large corporations. That's why the application is a highly profitable SaaS product.
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Advantages for Business

This Business Intelligence solution collects and analyzes mentions about target companies and outputs the comprehensive report that can be used to monitor the company’s status on the market and develop its business strategy. The analysis results may also include data on the company’s competitors to show a more detailed picture of the market and to allow result comparison. For better clarity and convenience, we implemented a system of information cards and an automatically generated dashboard that can be customized by the user to display only the required set of filtered information. So, for our client, this solution is an excellent instrument of selling analysis services and a source of significant income.

Over 3000 Cards On the Dashboard

A few thousands of cards with data are available to all registered users.

Analysis In 12 Business Categories

Research results on the top 10 companies in a dozen industries are shown on the dashboard for free.

Big Data + Data Processing + AI/ML

This analytics solution uses a powerful combination of the most advanced technologies.

Technical Implementation

The software uses AI and ML algorithms to perform complex searching with maximum efficiency and relevance. To enable this functionality, the backend is developed using Python and Django with several additional libraries. The analysis results are displayed to users as radar charts, line charts, grouped bar charts, and other visual forms with several filters to customize the output data from the user dashboard. For this reason, Angular was the perfect choice for frontend development. In order to collect, process, and store large volumes of data, the solution also uses ElasticSearch and several similar technologies. To increase security, user passwords are additionally protected using AWS Secrets Manager.
According to TechJury, $103 billion is the predicted value of the Big Data analytics market in 2023. Get a share of this growing market with our high-quality solutions!

Why You Need a Similar Solution

Solutions for market research and business analysis are highly demanded in every industry, especially if the intense competition is present. As a result, they are a source of significant profit as a mechanism of selling an analytics service for interested business enterprises. A similar solution that offers a convenient presentation of analysis results on a dynamic dashboard is an extremely valuable product that can be monetized using several options, such as subscription or premium accounts.
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