This full-cycle project is our pride because, together with Meme Global analytical team, we created a Big Data-driven platform. It helps companies and global brands like BMW, P&G, and Red Bull launch the most effective ad campaigns and reach their target audience.
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Big Data for Most Effective Ad Campaigns

With the help of our Big Data processing implementations, this platform takes the results of thousands of effective ad campaigns, analyzes them, and provides its users with the most effective conditions for smart ad targeting. Best advertising practices of global brands and small companies are put together and presented as valid recommendations on targeting (age, gender, etc.), prime time, location, and many other parameters. The combination of an enormous database multiple API integrations, convenient ad campaign builder, CRM, and a lot more mate this system unique and effective for all businesses.
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Advantages for Business

The system provides two benefits for our client: it helps to save money on vital resources while increasing company’s revenue at the same time. First, the platform automates and optimizes internal processes. Thus, our client no longer needs a big analytical and management team to analyze data and consult their clients on every new ad campaign. Second, the platform has a unique recommendation feature that gives its users valuable insights on multiple advertising aspects (ad type, prime time, etc.). The effectiveness of the service for businesses helps our partner to constantly increase the number of loyal clients, and be the strongest company on the market.

550+ Global Brands

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Ford, Disney, and hundreds of other companies are the clients of the platform.

Big Data

Our complex Big Data solutions already helped our client to achieve over 1.5B impressions worldwide!

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Fintech, Healthcare, Real Estate

Technical Implementation

Prior to actual development, we consulted our clients on Big Data gathering and processing. To maximize the effectiveness of recommendations and the profitability of results, the analytical team had to analyze the enormous amounts of data. In order to optimize this process, we created data scraping software and ensured smooth data sharding (no single server could handle all the collected data). Besides, we made several prototypes using Python, PHP, and Node.js to see which technology is the most efficient for platform development and its maintenance after launch. Our team provided full-cycle services, from the concept assessment and prototype building to development, testing, and launching the product on the market.
According to Statista, The global big data and business analytics market is forecast to grow to 274.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Use all business benefits of Big Data to increase your revenue!

Why You Need a Similar Solution

Data Science solutions like Big Data mining and processing make it possible for the platform to provide all these outstanding ad setups and launch campaign services. Just imagine what awesome things a similar platform would do if you enhance it with artificial intelligence or machine learning!
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Technologies used:
Google Ad Manager
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