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Our team built a custom data processing platform that functions as a CRM and task manager for a EU-based loan company. The system checks data on loan applicants and decides whether to approve or deny their requests using ML and BI functionality.
View of an AI and ML system for credit companies

ML-driven Loans in Europe

Our client needed a complex system that would optimize the work of loan officers in the company’s branches across Europe. Based on the client’s requests, we created a platform that combines CRM functionality with multi-step checking of applicants and their collateralized property. The platform is also a convenient task manager that optimizes the work of loan officers, tech leads, and underwriters. The system is integrated with external databases, including governmental, and uses ML-based functionality for approving or denying loan requests, calculating the loan amount, etc.
View of an AI and ML system for credit companies1

Advantages for Business

The platform is strictly for the company’s internal use, and it has already helped our client to save money by making loan decisions safe (because of thoughtful checking of each applicant on their trustworthiness) and objective (the system makes a decision based on parameters like applicant’s age, income, the quality and cost of the collateralized property, etc.) At the same time, the respective underwriters can change the ML-based decision to the opposite when needed.

x5 Check Speed

Our ML solution made the speed of applicant checking and decision making five times faster.

+1 Project

Right after this project was finished, our client asked the same team to start working on their new project.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Insurance, Automotive, Entertainment

Technical Implementation

The development of this platform wasn’t challenging because of our experience and expertise in Data processing, ML, and BI. The system was initially intended for use in branches in different countries and required integration with external databases, including governmental, so we ensured its compliance with all the necessary regulations. The system activates database integration each time a new loan application is created to get missing information and check applicants by their ID. Also, the system checks the state and history of the collateralized property. For example, if it is a car, the system checks whether it is or was stolen. As a task manager, the system allows to create, view, and close team or individual tasks on applications, upload documents and photos, etc.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

ML-driven software that can be used for multiple purposes is great for any business, especially for the ones dealing with loaning and fraud detection. With a similar platform, you’ll be able to keep your money and business safe by knowing all risks in advance.
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