This project was exciting for us because we needed to transform the architecture of the cryptocurrency exchange platform from monolithic to microservice-based. By doing this, we increased data safety, processing speed, system scalability, and a lot more.
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Fast and Safe Cryptocurrency Exchange

Shortly after we delivered an MVP, our client asked us to start working on the full version of the product. As a result, we delivered a SaaS system that processes requests, orders, and transactions within seconds and integrates with external e-wallets and other exchange platforms, etc. Most importantly, the new platform architecture makes it vastly more flexible for both client-side and server-side changes as well as increases its processing speed and data safety.
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Advantages for Business

This complex platform has its own fiat and cryptocurrency exchange functionality and is integrated with several external platforms. Thus, when the system doesn’t have enough resources to provide exchange services for individual clients, it serves as a broker and connects users with other exchange platforms. All orders are processed within seconds, so users always get the desired result and don’t need to go elsewhere. The advanced matching algorithm helps the system to find the best exchange offers for each order and makes sure that all users exchange bitcoins and other currencies within seconds and at the most profitable rate.

Minutes into Seconds

Microservice architecture and NoSQL database integration helped us to accelerate the system reaction speed.

Blockchain Solutions

Highly advantageous for Fintech and many other industries such as Media, Entertainment, Agriculture and Food, etc.

+1 Project

The client was satisfied with our work on the project and shortly returned to us for new product development.

Technical Implementation

Our client already had a launched and functioning currency exchange platform written on PHP, but its monolithic architecture became too challenging to maintain and upgrade. We solved this problem by creating 13 microservices and dividing the main functionalities among them. Since orders, wallets, matching, supporting old clients, placing orders on external services, and other functionalities don’t have such tight connections as before, changing or even removing one of them won’t affect the others (which is nearly impossible in monolithic platforms).
Statista indicates that worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to grow from $1.5B in 2018 to an estimated $15.9B by 2023. Take advantage of blockchain benefits for business!

Why You Need a Similar Solution

This platform combines financial and blockchain solutions to make the processing of fiat currencies and bitcoins easy, simple, and safe. Services that primarily or partially function as an intermediary between customers and providers, especially those that can process payment and exchange transactions, are applicable in Retail, Real Estate, Automotive, Healthcare, and many other industries.
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