We created a fast automatic solution enhanced by ML, AI, and NLP technologies for scraping large volumes of documents, extracting required data, and storing the results in premade templates. Thousands of repetitive routine actions are quickly performed by user-configured bots that save significant amounts of time and labor.
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Bulk Document Scraping for Enterprises

Our client required an effective solution to automate several aspects of handling large amounts of documents. Specifically, this software combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to recognize the data in thousands of documents and extract the required portion of information, such as lines, into a template, for example, an Excel file. The additional functionality was to automatically change the data in required lines or other parts of documents.
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Advantages for Business

This solution offers a significant saving of time required to process large volumes of documents. It also allows reducing the respective costs and labor by replacing human workforce with artificial intelligence to perform the same processes of data recognition and extraction much more productively. This is invaluable for any company with a large document flow, particularly for such departments as bookkeeping, logistics, inventory, and others. Automated document processing also improves communication between companies and branches by reducing delays before responses. While this particular solution was designed for Fintech implementation, the concept and applicability are well suited for many other industries.

Up to 98% of Automatization

This solution minimizes the need for manual labor and human supervision.

Over 1000% Increase of Effectiveness

Months of manual processing are reduced to a few hours of bots’ work.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Fintech, Healthcare, Retail.

Technical Implementation

Our specialists designed and developed the modular software that performs data processing using artificial intelligence in the form of bots. Each bot can be created and configured by a user to perform a task specified by custom rules. So, to cover all the required processes, a user creates a necessary amount of bots guided by corresponding sets of rules. To ensure data recognition, scraping, and other ML/NLP features, our specialists used Python and its several libraries, including TensorFlow, OpenCV, and scikit-learn. The functioning of the web-platform was built on PHP, Laravel, and React.js.
According to the Xerox survey, 46% of small and medium-sized businesses can improve their effectiveness by digitizing document processing. Become more efficient with our solutions!

Why You Need a Similar Solution

More companies adopt AI and ML technologies to perform large amounts of repetitive tasks and other processes that do not require creative efforts. Artificial intelligence performs such tasks much faster than people and is not limited by working hours, so it can work 24/7. Machine learning ensures that such document processing software will recognize and remember new or unique patterns or types of documents without human involvement in its work. By increasing the speed of the document flow, AI solutions greatly improve the effectiveness of communication between different departments and branches of a company, as well as with its business partners.
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