Our team created an AI-driven and cloud-based platform that creates custom interior design solutions based on user requirements and preferences in styles, colors, budget, etc. Users only need to answer a few questions in the questionnaire, then the system analyzes the answers and generates a 3D model of a furnished room.
Cloud-based platform CreAltor

AI-empowered Interior Designer

The platform is unique because of the mixture of complex AI algorithms for data analysis, color recognition, furniture items placement, etc. This cloud-based web application is highly convenient for end-users because all they need is to fill out a questionnaire and tell the system what styles, colors, types of furniture, and other parameters they want to receive. Then, the system analyzes the answers, selects available pieces of furniture fitting the budget, and generates a 3D model of the room that can be easily edited. The system allows to buy furniture presented in the 3D model in one click; thus, they don’t need to seek it elsewhere. Basically, the system is an ecosystem for furniture and interior decoration brands and their websites.
Cloud-based platform CreAltor 1

Advantages for Business

The convenience for both users and furniture brands makes this system easy to monetize. Currently, the platform is already being successfully used by furniture and interior decoration brands from Europe, the USA, Brazil, etc. The monetization includes membership and partnership business models. The platform’s precise algorithm results and convenience ensure the continuous flow of brands willing to use this web application as a part of their eCommerce websites.

90% Accuracy

The combination of algorithms ensures that 3D models correspond to the answers in the questionnaire.

AI-driven Ecosystem

The CreAItor platform is an interactive place where people can create custom interiors that fit their budget and buy items in one click.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Healthcare, Fintech, Entertainment

Technical Implementation

We developed several algorithms to ensure high-level accuracy of results, request processing speed, optimization of the platform’s general functioning, etc. The algorithm responsible for color data analysis and processing takes into account that different brands may have different names for one color or its tone. Another algorithm ensures that changing the room size while editing the 3D model doesn’t change the size of the placed furniture. The questionnaire-based algorithm has a tree structure with parent and child nodes where all data is strictly classified. This approach helps to ensure that users receive the most precise results that meet their expectations. The platform developed in Django serves as an extension to eCommerce websites and shows users information and prices on every furniture or decoration item presented in a 3D model using Unity technology. The system ensures payment and CRM functionalities thanks to its smooth integration with Amazon Web Services.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Artificial Intelligence and cloud solutions empower products with accurate results, predictive capabilities, optimized productivity, and a lot more. By having a similar software solution, you can increase your client satisfaction and retention rate, no matter the industry. An algorithm that analyzes input information and shows maximum accurate and precise results will leave business competitors far behind.
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