Our team created an advanced web platform with an ML-based matching algorithm that helps companies and candidates find each other. Our Data science solutions that include machine learning, Big Data processing, data and text mining, and cloud solutions make this service leave its business competitors far behind.
Design of job portal

Data Science-Empowered Job Portal

Our client wanted to create a web service that would help companies find perfect candidates for open vacancies and help people seeking their dream job to find it fast and easy. Based on the client’s requirements and our market research, we created a platform that looks like just two convenient websites – for recruiters and job seekers but is a unique system with integrated Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data and text mining and processing, and cloud solutions. The platform is unique because of its core functionality – a precise matching algorithm that recommends companies perfect candidates and shows job seekers the most fitting vacancies that can turn into their dream job.
Design of job portal1

Advantages for Business

The platform is easy to monetize because it offers companies a simplified way of finding people perfect for vacancies. The matching algorithm automates and optimizes the recruitment processes, which can significantly save companies time and costs on each vacancy. The platform has a membership monetization model and can be additionally monetized by providing consulting services, placing relevant ads, etc.

50% Faster Data Processing

By transforming the platform’s initial monolithic architecture into the microservice-based, we accelerated its data processing speed.

Precise ML Algorithm

The platform’s matching functionality has already saved hours of work for thousands of recruiters.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Fintech, Healthcare, Entertainment

Technical Implementation

The combination of Big Data mining and processing, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing ensures the smooth work of the matching algorithm and its precision. The platform’s back-end side has a microservice-based architecture developed in Django that ensures high flexibility and safety of the entire software. With the help of ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL, our developers created efficient modules for such functionalities as data scraping, candidate pre-check, candidate filtering by location, education, experience, etc. The system automatically imports data from open sources like LinkedIn, calculates to what extent a vacancy and a candidate match, sends emails to companies and candidates. Also, the platform allows administrators to monitor all matching steps (finding, importing, pre-processing, filtering, etc.) to track possible inconsistencies to fix them, create new pages in the admin dashboard, etc.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Data Science-driven matching algorithms are the doors to new opportunities for all businesses and industries. By having a similar platform, you’ll be able to match new products to their potential customers, advertising and info-products to target audience, etc., and see whether your business strategy goes in the right direction. Machine Learning combined with Big Data mining and processing gives access to predictive analytics and better business decisions.
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