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All websites and applications are unique, however, the number of the Internet users increases constantly, so many of them start to face problems with database servers overloading. When you see that your website or an application cannot process the growing number of users' requests, it means that you need a high load system. We use a wide range of advanced developmental technologies for creating solid architecture systems that solve problems with high load entirely.



Go is a cross-platform programming language that is fast, because of its simple syntax and structure, and is, basically, a great combination of the strong sides of the most widely used programming languages.

When it comes to the high load projects, our developers choose Go, because it gives wider opportunities for building websites and applications that will handle thousands of simultaneous users' requests without delays and malfunctions of any kind.


Kong is an API gateway used for creating microservices architecture systems. It is perfect for dealing with both public entities and internal microservice traffic. Kong has a variety of advantages that make professional developers choose it for high load projects.

These advantages are high processing speed, multiple datastores access and support, multiple protocols management, and many more. Our team of experienced software engineers is ready to put their knowledge into solving your problems with high load systems.


Async.io is an advanced Python's concurrency module created for making asynchronous code simple and readable. It vastly increases and improves throughput for the developmental process, thus makes easier to build systems highly responsive to high loads.

Our team had already implemented Async.io benefits into respective projects and you are welcome to use this experience for making your own high load idea real with the hands and minds of our specialists.


Tornado is an asynchronous networking library and a web framework for Python. It is highly advantageous for building applications, which require long-lasting connection to users, because of its ability to scale thousands of open connections.

All four Tornado components offer one of the widest opportunities for developing web applications suitable for high load successful handling. Our team chooses to use Tornado in complex projects, because it is the technology that helps us to provide the most effective solutions.


Twisted is an asynchronous networking framework that has a special focus on multiprotocol integration in addition to the event-based network programming.

The main advantages of working with Twisted are its cross-platform applicability, support for all main and additional event loops for all systems, comprehensive test suite, and a lot more. When working on complex high load projects, we include Twisted to the list of main developmental technologies as it helps to make our solutions even better.


Node.js is a runtime environment for creating scalable and fast networking as well as server-side web applications. The advantages of Node.js for web development are undeniable and include extensive freedom in building different apps, big active community that contributes to its continuous improvement, simultaneous request handling, and many more. When our high load projects require JavaScript usage, we make the final result the most efficient with implementing Node.js into the developmental process.


Kafka is a powerful and popular asynchronous messaging technology that is widely used for creating distributed applications. Kafka is advantageous, because it is perfect for handling both high-volume and high-velocity data. In addition, this technology is fault-tolerant, durable, has a scalable architecture, and is beneficial because of the capacity that handles thousands of messages per second. These and other advantages make our developers to use Kafka for our high load related projects.


RabbitMQ is an advanced message queuing system that makes asynchronous code execution for different applications real and convenient. Scalability, flexibility, and redundancy is only a short list of RabbitMQ benefits that make our developers to choose it over similar technologies for providing a variety of efficient solutions for our high load projects. By making any distributed system development easier for specialists it contributes vastly to the quality and release speed of the final product.


ZeroMQ is an asynchronous messaging library designed for creating concurrent or distributed applications. This library supports multiple platform and language integration, and is small, yet supports high-volume data flows. In addition, ZeroMQ is flexible and scalable, which is significantly advantageous for developing high load websites and applications. Our team had already used this library for challenging projects and it helped us to give our clients the most effective solutions for their high load problems.


Lua is a multi-paradigm cross-platform programming language with a set of features that fit to solve different types of problems. This language is small and portable, extensible and embedded, relatively fast comparing to other programming languages, well documented, has simple and clean syntax, includes garbage collector and has a wide and enthusiastic community. The advantages mentioned above is only a few in a long list of benefits for all developers who choose to build websites and applications using Lua.

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