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Front-End Development

This developmental expertise usually interacts with Mobile Development, SaaS Solutions, Back-end Development

Front-end is, basically, a client-side part of any website or a web page. Since the result of the front-end development is visible to users, it has to be aesthetically pleasing and technologically flawless at the same time. Our front-end specialists use a variety of development tools (such as HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, and a lot more) to make sure that each and every client gets exactly what they need and that the websites we create get the most user-friendly interface and navigation.



HTML5 had already become an integral part of dynamic interactive web pages. This version was designed specifically to widen the web opportunities that won't interfere with the functioning of the existing web pages.

HTML5 is beneficial in many ways as it simplifies the process of code writing, includes API integration, solves cross-browser issues, eliminates dependence on plugins, makes browsers and websites faster as well as easier to use, and a lot more. All HTML5 advantages and opportunities allow us to provide the most effective front-end solutions for our clients.

CSS & Preprocessors

CSS is a style sheet language responsible for the website's visual formatting. Moreover, CSS includes web design and development adjustments for different types of devices, which makes it possible to set up different page display variants for personal computers and smartphones.

CSS preprocessors allow writing code that will make the text on any web page logical and structured as well as increase its readability. We use CSS and a variety of its preprocessors to create websites with a visually pleasing interface, good structure, and the possibility to make formatting changes without additional effort.


JavaScript is one of the main client-side programming languages used for writing scripts and their further integration into HTML pages. This language makes it possible to change browser pages and web page formatting styles. One of its biggest advantages is fast response to users' requests.

More than 90% of websites and all browsers use JavaScript because of its versatility and reduced need for the website's server. JavaScript has too many advantages to exclude it from the list of the main technologies we use in our front-end related projects.


TypeScript is a JS based programming language used for writing different types of web frameworks, applications and more. It has an improved flexibility and efficiency that results in making many developers choose it over JS. The main benefits of TypeScript are code readability, wider IDE support, reverse compatibility with JS, and a lot more.

What's most important, it ensures the type correctness and eliminates type mismatch bugs. When working on our projects, we use TypeScript to make our front-end development processes easier and the results even more enjoyable for each client.


Flow is basically a static type checker that makes the process of code writing easier. It helps to identify bugs and other errors while writing any code. In comparison with TypeScript, Flow is a lot simpler to work with, because it has improved integration properties.

The main benefits of Flow include, but are not limited to debugging simplification, precise function meaning transfer, and error possibility decrease. The simplicity and benefits of using Flow are the core reasons that make us choose it for working on the projects.


AngularJS is a framework used for creating single-page web applications. Since it is a framework, developers don't need to write the entire code, but can use already existing standards and tools. Moreover, it is a great solution for fast front-end development as it eliminates the necessity of using other frameworks and plugins.

AngularJS is used for creating a wide range of web and mobile applications, for example, weather apps, social apps, e-commerce, etc. Our front-end specialists use AngularJS on a constant basis and had already applied it in the number of projects.


React.js is one of the biggest libraries and, basically, any fully-functional dynamic application can be created using React.js only. This library has many benefits that widen opportunities for the entire process of front-end development. It is perfect for creating large web applications that does not require page reloading to change data.

In addition to the simplicity in use, all React.js applications are easy to test and are equally good for creating web, IOS and Android applications. Usability of this library allows our front-end developers to provide highly effective web solutions in terms of their projects.


Redux is a state management tool for data and interface in JavaScript-based applications. This non-traditional library fits for single-page applications that can face difficulties in the long run. The Redux's distinguishing feature lies in storing the application's entire state in only one central location, so each component has direct access to it.

In addition, it implies a unidirectional data flow and does not allow changing the application state directly. Our front-end developers had already enjoyed the advantages of working with Redux and are ready to use it for future projects.


GraphQL is a query language used mainly to download data from a server. It allows to specify the required data precisely, simplifies data aggregation, and uses the type system for data specification. In other words, GraphQL is a smart mediator between a client and data sources.

Moreover, a client can take only one request action instead of a few ones to get results for different needs. This language is beneficial in many ways and solves problems that front-end developers face on a daily basis. This technology helps us to please clients with the most effective solutions and create highly-competitive websites and applications.

Apollo Client

Apollo is a caching GraphQL client used for simplification of specific UI components building. One of the benefits of Apollo Client is that any developer can use its view integration layer for each and every popular front-end framework. It has a variety of benefits such as universal compatibility with any GraphQL server and schema.

Also, it has usage simplicity and flexibility, and it is perfect for creating interactive applications. Ultra-flexibility of this client makes our front-end specialists to provide better web and mobile application development solutions.


Vue.js is a framework for a user interface creation. In case if used in a combination with advanced tools and additional libraries, it perfectly fits for creating complex single-page applications. Main advantages of Vue.js are its simplicity and structure in addition to its flexibility, small size, and reactivity of variables.

Because of the simple structure, it allows to trace errors with ease, which decreases time spent on application development. We can say that using Vue.js on our projects helps to build errorless web and mobile applications that help to increase our clients’ business efficiency.

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