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This developmental expertise usually interacts with

Companies that already use DevOps practices on a constant basis already see the number of benefits and their significance for business. When implementing DevOps into the application developmental process the client receives faster features delivery, improved collaboration as well as communication, increase in operating environment stability, and more. The list of advantages DevOps bring is endless, so when you come to us for a software solution, you can be sure that your problem will be handled the best way possible.



Nginx is one of the most popular among professional developers and worldwide companies HTTP web server as well as reverse proxy server that is also works as an HTTP cache server and a load balancer. It is fast and is perfect for serving a wide range of static file types and transforming dynamic content into static.

In addition, it is compatible with all commonly-used web applications and helps them to receive higher ranking in Google. These and other advantages are too good to eliminate Nginx from the list of technologies we use.


Apache is powerful web server software that is compatible with all widely used operating systems. Constantly growing documentation and community in addition to high reliability and increased performance is what makes Apache one of the most wanted to work with server software.

The fact that it is among the most rich and useful web servers available for developers worldwide, makes our software engineers to choose it for projects of any type and complexity.


Ansible is a popular software platform for making the developmental and automation processes most convenient and efficient. It has already become one of the best solutions for a diversity of IT developmental operations for many reasons. This software platform allows to handle challenging and complex tasks fast and easy, which is highly beneficial, because it helps to provide a fully-functional solution faster.

Our developers had already made many clients satisfied with solutions for their software problems using Ansible on their projects.


Jenkins is an open-source advanced continuous integration server written in Java. This tool is beneficial for developers, because it is portable and can be applied for all main platforms, has more than a thousand highly useful plugins and gives an opportunity to create new ones with ease, includes a developed and enthusiastic community, and more.

When working on our projects, with the help of Jenkins, our developers successfully integrate all kinds of development life-cycle processes and create leading software that makes our clients entirely satisfied.

Gitlab CI

Gitlab CI is one of the leading continuous integration tools. Gitlab CI has a number of advantages comparing to similar systems, which are the entire build in one single file per project, the conditions for having different builds in different branches, automatically implemented corresponding build file, and a lot more.

No wonder that our team of software engineers choose to include this technology into the list of commonly-used software that contributes to the quality of our solutions.


Kubernetes is a leading system for cluster environment containerized applications management that gives wide opportunities for cloud-native applications deployment. This system offers numerous advantages such as increased scalability, simplified container management, decreased communication delays and more.

Our developers use Kubernetes for increasing speed and efficiency of the developmental process, especially when it comes to building microservices architecture systems.


Docker is a free-to-use system that makes the process of application deployment inside software containers automated. The biggest advantage of Docker is its ability to reduce infrastructure resources, and thus, increase the return on investment. Also, it is portable, flexible, ensures high-speed deployment, and gives the ability to run non-dependent steps in parallel.

One of the main advantages of Docker that attracts our developers to this system is that apps running on containers are isolated from each other, and thus, ensure data security.


As an open-source software application, Nagios provides a flexible and versatile technology for system and network monitoring. The all-around applicability of this technology is provided mostly by a great variety of plugins, which help to accommodate it to almost every need, as well as by a simple configuration process via text files.

Naturally, our team readily uses Nagios for various solutions, which demand such features as remote monitoring, timely notification via e-mail, messengers or SMS, etc.


Zabbix is a monitoring system, which is easy to implement in the existing infrastructure. This technology provides mass simultaneous data collection on different levels. Zabbix supports a variety of database management systems such as SQLite, MySQL, and Oracle, and collects data using agents or checks via various protocols.

In addition to status and performance monitoring, Zabbix offers powerful notification capabilities and intuitive web interface that uses customizable dashboards to display relevant data.

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