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Databases & Search

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Today, there is a fairly big number of open-source databases that are beneficial in many ways and provide flexibility, scalability, and security for different platforms. Finding, managing and storing large amounts of data usually require significant costs, but our team can offer your company a solution that responds to your needs and budget. Every new project strengthens our knowledge and skills in using different databases, so you can be sure that we are ready to offer you solutions that make your problem disappear.



MySQL is an advanced and one of the most widely used database management systems. In fact, it is highly reliable and offers a high data security level that had already made global web applications such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other choose it over similar systems.

Its high performance, scalability, flexibility, advanced workflow control and transactional support in addition to other advantages are the reasons why our specialists use MySQL on a constant basis.


PostgreSQL is a front-rank open-source database system that is available for a wide range of platforms and nearly all operating systems. The list of PostgreSQL advantages is enormous and includes diverse community, unlimited development possibilities, flexible search as well as the variety of extension functions.

When clients come to us for solutions for their database and/or search problems, we choose PostgreSQL as it will only increase the quality of the result.


Redis is an advanced licensed datastore that is mainly used as an open-source database, message broker, and cache that bring such advantages as using its personal hashing mechanism, storing values and keys of large objects (up to 1GB), inserting big amounts of data into data cache, etc.

These and other benefits of using Redis in our projects of different types and complexity allow to widen our solution providing opportunities. So, you can be sure that we use the biggest and the most trusted databases.


Cassandra is a scalable NoSQL database that gives developers a possibility to store big amounts of both structured and unstructured data. The main advantages of this open-source database include, but are not limited to elastic scalability, outstanding analytic possibilities, increased data storage protection and failure eliminating peer-to-peer architecture.

Our team has a successful experience in working with Cassandra and knows in what exact cases it is the best choice for a software solution.


MongoDB is an advanced non-relational database that has a variety of functions beneficial for developers. Since this database is schema-less, it gives developers flexibility in storing different types of data.

MongoDB is beneficial in many ways and offers different benefits such as data sharding, high-speed query response, increased availability and performance, scalability, etc. The variety of advantages this database provides can be used as a solution for your project as well.

Elastic Stack (ELK)

ELK is an open-source set of powerful tools - Elasticsearch (search server), Logstash (events and logs managing tool), Kibana (logs and timestamped data visualization tool, and Beats (data shippers platform).

This stack is recommended by the professionals for log information flow visualization, required data filtering and transformation, advanced data analysis, etc. Most important, ELK helps our team to provide leading software solutions for all industries.

Solr & Sphinx

Solr & Sphinx are independent search engines used for creating search applications of any type and complexity. So far, Solr offers wider functionality and development opportunities, however, Sphinx is also vastly beneficial.

The implementation languages for these engines are different, so our team gathered specialists experienced in both of them, so no matter what programming language your project requires, we will offer you solutions that suit best!


NoSQL is an alternative advanced model for database management. This non-relational database offers developers the variety of advantages that include, but not limited to elastic scaling, the ability to handle and process biggest volumes of data, flexible data models, reducing costs for storing and processing more data, etc.

Our team had successfully implemented NoSQL usage in different projects, especially in the big data field, so you are welcome to use this experience for your company's growth.

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