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Data Mining & BI

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Information is the most valuable asset for each and every company. This includes both internal and external data. However, information extracted from the external sources is the one that helps companies to strengthen their positions in their respective business fields. Today, with the growing number of highly effective data collecting and processing tools and technologies our team has wider opportunities to provide even better solutions for all our clients.



Scrapy is a web framework used for data scraping and extraction from the required sources of information. It can be used for a variety of applications that directly or partially relate to data mining, processing and archiving. Scrapy has a significant number of advantages such as built-in data extraction mechanism, automatical crawling adjustments, the ability to create large crawling projects and a lot more.

We had already used Scrapy when working on our projects and can tell that this technology contributed to success of our clients.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a really fast data processing engine created for successful machine learning and big data handling. It has a number of significant benefits that make developers over the world choose it over similar engines.

The main benefits that make our developers choose Apache Spark as well as its great speed, the variety of high-level libraries, easy in usage APIs, complex analytics support, real-time streaming, and a lot more. Let our team of experts put their knowledge into your project and give your idea the best execution.


ETL is a programming tool that extracts, transforms and loads data, thus, performs all processes on collecting information and making it easy to understand and use for business purposes. The reason to use ETL lies in its superiority in simplicity and speed of data movement processes as well as its variety of ready to use operations.

This technology is equally useful for data mining and billing intelligence business fields, and our developers have already successfully used it in terms of working on the projects.


Crawlera is a smart downloading tool created for web scraping and crawling. When it comes to collecting data, this tool is a good choice, because it offers useful features such as HTTPS support, automatic IP retrials, rotation, and ban detection, persisted sessions and other.

The fact that Crawlera works great will main development technologies such as Python, Java, PHP, Node.js and more, make it one of the primary choices for our BI and data mining projects.

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