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AI & Chatbots

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Chatbots is only a small part of what artificial intelligence can bring for business. Companies that operate in different business fields choose to develop their own chatbots instead of having around-the-clock call centers that require significant company's resources. Our team had already created a row of Artificial Intelligence projects and successfully integrated AI systems of different types and complexity, so you can be sure that here you will get a top-quality solution.


Google Cloud Natural Language API

This Google API provides a powerful and efficient machine learning APIs and gives professional developers wide opportunities with such benefits as entity recognition, syntax and sentiment analysis, REST API integration, content categorized classification, multiple languages text analysis, and more. All these benefits allow our developers to create powerful chatbots that understand incoming requests. What's more, these chatbots can be successfully used in a wide range of industries.


The Natural Language Toolkit is a special platform for creating text analysis programs. It gives developers a powerful tool for providing natural language processing solutions in terms of building Artificial Intelligence software and platforms for chatbots. We use only top-quality tools and technologies to make sure that even our most complex solutions are easy to use for our clients. Rely on our experience in NLTK usage and get a software solution that will satisfy your company's needs.


Pandas is a superior data frame for storing data that can be used in many programming fields. In addition, Pandas offers developers a number of handy functions that can be used for data exploration and processing. For example, it allows developers to do fast calculations over significant amounts of data. When we work on the projects that imply building chatbots and different artificial intelligence platforms, our developers use Pandas along with other advanced technologies to make sure our clients get the best software solutions possible.


This developmental toolkit is used by the developers worldwide, because of the variety of advantages it brings to the final product and the process of development. Flow.ai provides everything required for designing and training artificial intelligence, so a bot learns new information from every example entered. In addition, it allows to perform instant bot testing, so prior to launching the product the bot is checked if it responds and reacts properly on questions and commands. These and many other benefits are the reasons to use Flow.ai in our projects.


Rightclick.io is a unique website builder that creates conversational interface using Artificial Intelligence. Specialists note that chatbots built with the extensive assistance of Rightclick.io are the most advanced for today and can be fairly named as intelligent, comparing to many other chatbots as they possess real flow and conversational interface. Our software engineers use Rightclick.io, because of its high quality technology that contributes to the quality of our AI based solutions.

Telegram Bot API

This HTTP-based interface was designed and developed for building Telegram bots. It allows developers who work on the Artificial Intelligence projects to create private and public chatbots for communicating with Telegram messenger clients. When our clients come to us for getting software solutions connected to the Telegram messenger, they are sure that our team is experienced in working with this Bot API along with other chatbot development technologies.

Bot Framework

This framework allows developers to build and manage chatbots of any type and complexity. This technology is vastly beneficial for both developers and companies, because the Bot Framework allows to use Bot Builder SDK and gives access to a broad set of tools and data as well as helps to reduce expenses on development and provides all resources required for building bots of the highest quality. These and other advantages of Microsoft Bot Framework are the reasons to include it to the list of technologies we use for providing AI software solutions.


Responsive is the Artificial Intelligence driven platform that uses AI innovations and technology to improve client understanding. Using this technology for building bots of various types and complexity is advantageous for software engineers, because it provides access to advanced tools and methodologies that make possible to create efficient AI systems. Our team already gained experience in successful implementation of Responsive into promising AI platforms and systems.

Api.ai, Wit.ai and Recast.ai Platforms

These three Artificial Intelligence platforms are very similar, yet they have differences that make our developers to choose which one would fit for a certain project. Api.ai is perfect for platforms that learn commands semantically, which also stands for Wit.ai, so it is easier to create apps using the developer UI. Recast.ai is also a collaborative platform that allows building, training, deploying and monitoring bots in any language with ease. Our team is experienced in implementing all listed technologies for creating top-quality AI systems.


TensorFlow is a library applied for deep machine learning. It has improved computational graphic visualizations and since it is backed by Google its benefits are frequent new releases and updates. It has an advanced testing system, which is important for creating chatbots and platforms for Artificial Intelligence software. We use TensorFlow for providing top-quality solutions that bring our clients flawless automated systems.


OpenCV is a licensed library that supports numerous widely-used web and mobile platforms. Comparing to the similar technologies, OpenCV has numerous advantages for developers such as increased processing and developmental speed, decreased need in excessive resources, portability, and more. When it comes to working on the complex projects that include machine learning, our developers choose this BSD-licensed software for providing even more efficient solutions that bring success.


PyTorch is an advanced framework for machine learning and optimization. This technology has a row of advantages that make the developmental process of AI systems and platforms enjoyable. The increased computation speed, a dynamic computational graph, strong community, and the fact that it is a strong learning and research platform, which provides the highest speed and flexibility makes this technology one of our top choices for Artificial Intelligence related projects.

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