About Us

Light IT is a team of creative and talented professionals who understand the importance of a high-quality work. For over 10 years in the field of providing software solutions, we had worked on more than 400 projects and contributed vastly to the success of many companies.

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Our Working Culture



Without doubts, flexibility matters! We believe that it helps to achieve greater success and gives us the ability to create web and mobile software of the highest quality.

Providing solutions for a variety of business fields is full of challenges and unique projects. We believe that a flexible approach is important, especially when it comes to development and new technology implementation. Flexibility allows us to reach new heights of quality with every new challenge, and the number of full-stack professionals as well as the list of technologies we cover is a proof. Our goal is to give all our clients most productive discussions on their projects and top-quality technological solutions to make sure that their products become highly competitive and profitable in their respective business fields.

  • Agile

  • Dedicated

  • Constant

  • CI/CD

  • Quality



Transparency in working on the projects is what makes us one of the most trusted solution providers. We believe that such approach is the only way to increase the efficiency of mutual collaboration.

Our goal is to give our clients maximum security and safety on their information and projects using high-tech solutions. All new clients and challenges that come with their projects, help us to improve our transparency and increase it's level in communication to ensure maximized quality of product development and its successful entering into the market. This approach gives clients an opportunity to participate in all stages of their product development and see what tools and technologies we offer and use. Thus, as our client, you'll be able to monitor the quality of our solution implementation, ranging from a minor feature to a complex software architecture.

  • Focus
    on Details

  • Knowledge

  • Strong

  • Security
    & Safety

  • Instant

Our Highlights

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  • 15 + Unique features

  • 8+ Industries successfully

  • $200+ Million dollars earned
    for our clients

  • 400+ End-to-end
    projects delivered

Your Career in Light IT

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