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Website Builder

This advanced website builder is a vastly convenient tool for creating any type of website fast and easy. Companies and separate users can build a custom website with numerous functionalities and features in less than a day.

  • Industry - Retail
  • Services - Web Development
  • Main Technologies - Django / Python / jQuery

1 Platform

for creating websites of any complexity.

15 Minutes

a user needs to build a custom website.

Website Building Made Easy

The reason why our client started this project was to fulfill his idea of creating a complex platform that will give people an opportunity to build any type of custom websites for personal and commercial use such as landing page, promo page, online shop, P2P marketplace and other. Our task was to deliver a solid-working back-end side of the system and make it flexible to possible changes in its architecture in the future.

Introduction to the Problem

The idea that lies in the core of the project was to help people find specialists and services they need fast and easy. To make it real we needed to create a system with a well-considered architecture that can handle adding and enhancing complex components without any quality reduction. The system needed to contain a wide range of features and design solutions so users could create websites with custom functionality stacks relevant to their topic and needs. Since our client needed this website building platform as soon as possible, we put all our skills and motivation to ensure the high quality of final result.

Challenges & Solutions

Going International

One of the most interesting things when working on this project was the fact that our back-end developers worked as a part of the international team gathered by our client. Creating something unique together with people from all over the world is a great experience, but it also has some challenges. The communication itself went smooth as all team members are professionals and deeply care about the quality of their work. However, the difference in time zones and minor flaws in project management caused delays in some tasks delivery. This hadn’t affected the quality of development, QA testing and design processes, but it is always better to work in sync with other team members.

Pressure is Never Good

Despite the difficulty of the multitenancy system we needed to create, the biggest challenge was to guarantee good-quality of tasks that must be delivered in the shortest time possible. Even though it may be helpful to create software solutions under pressure to always be toned and focused, in the end, it may result in bugs and flaws on the final stage of development. Since rapid task delivery was one of the top priorities, in addition to fast task performing we clarified even the smallest details to make sure that we are on the same page with our client and the rest of the team. To make the development process easier we brought few optimization suggestions, which helped to deliver small tasks and the final product on time.

Testing Servers Rule

When we started working on the project, there was only one server for all needs. Since the server intended to host all websites created with this website building system it had to deal with highload that continues to grow every day. Because of the multitenancy of the system, changes for one tenant could damage websites of other tenants so there was a high risk of malfunction because of development and testing processes. To eliminate the aforementioned threats we added one more server, thus, the system got a testing server for changes in functionality and features, and for their QA testing. After all changes and improvements are done and there’s 100% confidence in their quality, these changes are added to the production server.

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And, as a result…

The complexity of the system in combination with short deadlines brought some difficulties in the development process, but our client did a good job on gathering a team of professionals from different countries. Together we managed to create a website building platform with a unique architecture and the variety of functionalities that can be combined in different stacks so any person can make their own custom website with unique set of features.

Team & Time

  • 2 DEVs
  • 11 Months


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