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Online Education

What we needed to create in terms of working on this project was a dynamic and interactive system that fulfills all needs of the online studying process for both teachers and students.

  • Industry - Education
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - ReactJS / Redux / Rubu on Rails

Precisely 74%

of the studying process efficiency increase gained.

Up to 300

online lessons can be provided simultaneously.

Advanced Online Education

The project constitutes creation of an educational platform for foreign students who intend to study math, the English language, etc. This service is directed to move the entire studying process online and make it comfortable and close to real-life conditions. On the one hand, this service allows teachers to create courses, divide the students into groups and sub-groups, etc. The project itself was implemented in a form of a dashboard with a Drag-and-Drop functionality type. Tasks and topics are given to students on special cards, and students can write commentaries during and after each lesson, which increases the effectiveness of communication and interaction between students. The studying process has integrated Google forms and charts for testing students. On the other hand, this system creates a real-class simulation. The system's interface is as user-friendly as possible to maximize the efficiency of the studying courses.

Introduction to the Problem

Our client needed a fully-functional online education system that would be suitable for a variety of educational directions and disciplines. Versatile systems like Jira and Trello couldn't be used for this idea, because they were designed to be suitable for different business fields, thus, they do not provide the possibility of making real-time updates in tasks and cards. In addition, they have limitations in services and processing speed. Our goal was to create a unique system fully adjusted to the needs of targeted clients. The system should have a user-friendly interface for both teachers and students as well as be interactive.

Challenges & Solutions

WebSocket Synchronization

Another challenge was related to the introduction of the WebSocket protocol, since the education is a real-time process and the standard task schedulers do not allow to view other users' activity. The full-duplex communication WebSocket protocol allowed simultaneous real-time data transmission related to the changes of tasks' status or lessons' discussion. Due to the use of this protocol we managed to implement the collaborative business logics to the project.

A Responsive UX-Friendly Application

One of the challenges was to create a responsive user-friendly application. The versatility of special-purpose applications comes at the cost of users' convenience and work speed, because it contains many add-ons that adapt it to different business areas. We developed an application that is initially adapted and optimized to all the customer's needs, and the customer may adjust the desired level of performance. In order to increase the level and speed of the system's responsiveness, we decided to develop a hybrid application that comprises server pages with a React application deployed inside every page. All requests take place within one page and it's not necessary to download all resources from the server. Thus, we managed to increase the visual response speed and the level of interaction between the teacher/student with the system.

The Legacy Code

When we took up this project, the customer already had some groundwork as well as a functional MVP. We had to add new functions and architectures to the code pre-written by other developers. The customer's code had some flaws and was difficult to maintain, so we had to implement our solutions to the legacy logics as it is rather difficult to realize the necessary functionality on the basis of out-of-date logics. In some cases we had no opportunity to implement best development practice, however the task was completed with the best quality possible. In other words, what we did in terms of this challenge was creating a high-quality feature set and improving initial logics and code.

Drag-and-Drop Development and Draft Editing Implementation

It took our team a lot of time and effort on research in order to make Drag-and-Drop functionality smooth, fast and responsive. Some problems occurred while implementing new developments into the customer's code. We also faced difficulties related to the application's adaptability to different browsers, as some functions would not work. However, we solved all those problems and the customer obtained a fully working product with elaborate functionality. In addition, we implemented a Draft editor that allowed to create content in a simple and visually pleasing way. This content includes cards and other educational tools that can be downloaded from the site without additional software. This implemented functionality as a whole allowed the end customer to use the service with the highest level of comfort.

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And, as a result…

We successfully developed a one-of-a-kind platform that is particularly user-friendly. Due to implementation of elaborate technical solutions, the system has a variety of advanced features, such as real-time changing of users' interaction, and increased performance. Those advantages were achieved with the aid of hybrid server pages that contain a React application. In terms of this project, we designed and developed a fast and convenient system, which is fully adapted to the client's demands and offers a user-friendly interface for both teachers and students.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 2 DEVs
  • 6 Months


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