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TreatCancer is a medical web platform for Southeast Radiation Oncology Group (SERO) and their 30+ highly-qualified physicians engaged into radiation oncology in 20 locations. Patients can use it to choose a doctor with the help of filtering by location and by having access to their CVs.

  • Industry - Healthcare
  • Services - Web Development / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - PHP / WordPress


world-class oncology physicians in one place.


format for getting important info on doctors.

Cancer-Fighting Digital Platform

The essence of the project was to create a website for Southeast Radiation Oncology Group (SERO) that would offer a wide range of functionality. The main goal of this website is to give patients enough information on more than 30 certified doctors who practice radiation oncology across 20 different locations in the Charlotte Metro area. In addition, physicians required a convenient environment for sharing experience and information with each other. The presence of blog on the website gives patients the possibility to track news and receive good-quality cancer-related information.

Introduction to the Problem

The client chose our team, because they required a website that would be a convenient digital place for oncologists to share experience, especially for the ones who specialize in treating cancer using radiation. This website with narrow targeting required implementation of physicians' profiles with detailed information on their experience in oncology. To gain patients' interest and trust in this website, it needed to include functionality that allows uploading informational materials on new doctors, technological advancements in radiation technology, and posting blog articles.

Challenges & Solutions

Website for World-Class Physicians

The project wasn't challenging for our team, because we had enough experience in developing websites with similar functionalities. Our main tasks were creation and support of presentation website. This website needed to be a platform for certain oncology-oriented clinics and doctors. Our team successfully fulfilled all requirements on filling website with content, video integration, arranging doctors' CVs, making minor updates on the website in general, support, etc. The tasks were accomplished on time and with the highest quality, which made the customer fully satisfied with the result.

And, as a result…

The client received a fully-functional presentation website that among other functionalities allows to seek oncologists using filter by location. We developed and integrated functionality that generates PDF documents for the variety of website pages with information on each doctor such as general information, education, scientific publications and reports, etc. In addition, we provided website's customization, updates, and its support as well as integrated blog so patients would always stay informed on news regarding clinics, doctors, events, and advancements in oncology treatment technology.

Team & Time

  • 1 TL
  • 1 QA
  • 1 DEV
  • 6 Months


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