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Trainer Workout

Trainer Workout is a social web platform for gyms, coaches and their clients that allows creating new online workout programs and keeping personal training journals.

  • Industry - Healthcare
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - PHP / jQuery / Laravel

2500 Exercises

for professional training in the database.


always available on all training programs.

Effective Workout Programs

This social and training platform has a direct targeting on gyms, coaches, and their clients. The application is adjusted to work equally good on both web and mobile platforms. The app allows coaches to create online training programs with data synchronization on any devices. Types of profiles are divided into gyms/coaches and clients. Managers have permissions to create gyms, add gym memberships for sale, hire staff and track gym's financial data. Coaches can create and sell training and diet programs, meet clients for personal training, work in different gyms, etc. Benefits of using this platform for gym/coach clients are pleasant conditions for finding new friends, tracking personal progress and changes via photo and different measurements, viewing trainings and diets, visiting gyms and more.

Introduction to the Problem

The client came to us with their own modular software system that was the basis of the entire project (MySQL database). When working on the project, we needed to fulfil such tasks as the implementation of different types of users and their roles within the platform as well as adding different permission and functionality levels that vary for separate user roles. In addition to that, we needed to integrate the membership system as well as a functional online store for selling sports nutrition products. The platform required a proper functionality for creating complex training programs and their constant monitoring. Since users need a possibility to communicate with each other, we also worked on the information exchange functionality implementation.

Challenges & Solutions

Practice Makes Perfect

While working on the project, we faced no challenges, because our team already had enough experience in creating this kind of platform. At the same time, this project allowed us to polish certain development skills, so now we can build such web and mobile systems from scratch even faster!

And, as a result…

Our client received a SaaS platform for gyms, coaches and their clients. The platform has the variety of special tools for creating complex training programs and diets, monitoring the training process, tracking changes, etc. Also, the platform allows to measure own progress basing on recordings and photographs, and share this information with other users. A solid administrative system gives responsible managers access to manage and control all processes on the website. The platform includes an online store for selling and purchasing sports nutrition products. In the end, the client received web and mobile versions of the platform that operates on the membership basis to make it most convenient for all users.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 1 TL
  • 1 QA
  • 2 DEVs
  • 9 Months


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