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Social27 is an e-learning platform that offers a number of advanced functions for an online school. Beside virtual classrooms, it provides tools for event management, marketing, content delivery, class scheduling, and much more ways to enhance learning experience.

  • Industry - Education
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting
  • Main Technologies - Net 4.0 / C# / Microsoft Azure

4 Services

united into one e-learning platform.

80% Increase

of system performance achieved.

E-learning with Video Streaming

Social27 was a complex project that contained 4 parts. Light IT worked on Event27 and Learn27, while the other two services were developed by another team. Event27 was focused on conducting, advertising, and other aspects of various events. Learn27 offered online education environment for planning and holding classes in virtual schools. These two services had a common video streaming feature developed by us. The video player served for educational purposes, as well as broadcasting live events.

Introduction to the Problem

Social27 has a difficult background because our specialists took this project when it was already under development. In addition, we had to work in parallel with another team located on a different continent and coordinate communication with them. One of the main problems was the abundance of the legacy code that had been written on JS by the previous developers. This fact created certain problems regarding optimization and maintenance, particularly in relation to video streaming functionality. Developing a web-based video player in 2012 was a challenging task for our team due to a number of flaws in relevant technologies of that time.

Challenges & Solutions

Shared Development

The project “Social27” was built by two separate teams that were responsible for two components each. Because of this, we had to create a tight schedule of work coordination. We took part in developing Event27 – a component for event management, and Learn27 – a component for online learning. Our team began working on this project when it was already under development, that’s why some functions were added on the run. Specifically, we were responsible for video streaming functionality shared by two components of the project. We had implemented new functions and supported the existing ones before passing the project to another team for further development.

Separate Services, Common Feature

Social27 housed four individual services with different functionality combined into one project. However, there were some shared components, such as the “Theater” page for Event27 and Learn27. The “Theater” contained a video player, so the “Event” part showed a video broadcast, and the “Learn” part displayed it as a video material with the option to add comments, create quizzes and polls that displayed after a predetermined period of watching. The student were required to answer the quiz, and if the answers were wrong, the part of the video clip would start over, otherwise the playback continued. The main challenge was to ensure flawless video streaming of pre-recorded and live content on web and mobile platforms, and we nailed it!

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And, as a result…

The complexity of the project and shortcomings of video streaming technologies back in 2012 created the unfavorable background for developing Social27. However, our team successfully maintained and optimized large volumes of legacy code and enhanced the functionality of a video streaming component employed in Event27 and Learn27 services. Despite the time zone difference, we have established an effective cooperation with another development team assigned to other functional parts of Social27.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 1 QA
  • 3 DEVs
  • 4 MONTHS


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