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Simpatra is a fully-functional Healthcare ecosystem with a unique tool that makes highly precise medication dosage calculations, and with a marketplace that allows doctors and clinics to plan and make online appointments as well as to keep patients' medical records.

  • Industry - Healthcare
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - Angular / PHP / Laravel


precision in calculating hormone dosage achieved.

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faster and easier purchasing process gained.

Top Precision & Quality

The main project's objective was to create a medical platform with a wide functionality range and a complex ecosystem. This platform is designed for the clinics, doctors and medical assistants dealing with hormonal therapy. The system makes possible to work with patients and prescribe them most precise dosages of hormones throughout the course of treatment. The platform has a membership-based system for clinics, doctors and medical assistants, and functions as follows - the clinic registers and then registers its doctors (each doctor can see only their patients in the system). Clinics and doctors can use the system only on a paid basis. Also, we developed a marketplace with automatic purchasing and payment, and complex discount systems.

Introduction to the Problem

The client wanted to design and develop a unique ecosystem in the field of hormonal therapy for clinics, their medical staff and patients. Main tasks included thinking through the logic and algorithms, developing the system of making appointments and seeing patients online, and creating a hormone calculator that precisely calculates dosages of injectable hormones, basing on detailed patients' health information. Each doctor and their assistant have a personal account with information on their patients only (including the history of private sessions) and the variety of features. Also, we had to build a unique marketplace with a complex system of multilevel discounts, automatic purchasing, and the possibility to make payments via ACH payment system.

Challenges & Solutions

Precise Hormone Calculator

The top task and the biggest challenge were to create a unique and highly precise calculator that would allow doctors to get the most accurate dosages of hormones for their patients. The system had to be developed in a way that allows to receive patients and automatically calculate the most precise dosages of hormonal injections throughout the course of treatment. The system calculates proportions individually for each patient basing on the history of their previous appointments, test results, gender, age, goal of hormonal therapy, number of remaining injections, etc. In addition, the system saves all information on each injection (serial number, ampoule markings, Mg., etc.) to ensure maximum patients safety. Our team managed to succeed in creating a highly precise calculator that can do complex calculations automatically in order to eliminate human errors.

Complex Marketplace Discount System

Along with the marketplace integration into the system, it became necessary to implement a discount system on medical supplies. We divided system users into two main categories - Vendor and Practice. Since the clinics often purchase large quantities of supply, we had to integrate the possibility to change prices on items, depending on their quantity. The difficulty lied in the discount system development, because it had to consider all categories and sub-categories of goods as well as give different discounts for different purchase types and their frequency. We implemented the variety of discount systems that take into account types of products, possible returns and refunds as well as adding new items while making an order. This functionality gives clinics an opportunity to make automatic purchases of medical supply, based on each patient's treatment information. All documentation relating to this challenge was also made by our team.

Unique Automatic Ordering System

The marketplace feature must be most convenient for clinics and doctors, so we developed a special automatic ordering system that provides patients with all required supply for injections for a specified time period. The system allows to make automatic pre-orders, for example, one week before the due injection date. These automatic orders take into account previous test results and the history of previous injections. Also, the system calculates the number, frequency and dosages of previous injections and orders the exact amount of medication that will be enough till the time of the next order. The patient's data required for calculation is taken from the doctor's records database. Also, doctors can choose their seller (Vendor). The ordering system includes automatic payments that don't require manual involvement of clinics or doctors. If the order is in the formative stage while a doctor changes the prescription for a patient, the system automatically adjusts the order to the new criteria.

ACH Payment System Integration

One of the challenges we faced while working on this project was integration and adjusting the MPS Vantiv payment system. Also, we implemented two types of payment options - payment by credit cards, and less common payment by bank checks. First, out team developed an SDK for the payment system. Our second step was implementation of ACH payments and to accomplish it successfully we also got certified. In addition, we had to consider logics of ACH payments, because each check payment is processed manually by the bank manager and the processing may take up to 2 or 3 weeks. We developed and implemented the logics that handle the cases when ACH payment is still processing by the bank while the deadline for creating and shipping the order has already come to eliminate the possibility of delays.

Time and Date Unification

Originally, the project was intended for the USA only, but later it got launched in Germany and Spain. Because of these changes, arose a problem of time and date unification for different time zones to achieve proper data synchronization and eliminate misunderstanding regarding appointments and medication taking time. As a solution of this problem we placed all appointments and dates in the Greenwich Mean Time and then adjusted time and date shown to users depending on their location. Also, we placed certain functionality into the system, so it would automatically transform the date format, because the date positions of day and month vary for different countries. To make it real, we successfully provided backups and data migration with no loss of data.

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And, as a result…

We created a complex yet highly precise hormone calculator that made calculations of dosages basing on data such as age, gender, patient's history, etc. In addition to the calculating tool, we developed a functional marketplace with a complex discount and automatic ordering systems. In terms of working on the project, our team created all documentation from scratch as well. Complex systems, especially the ones that deal with human's health need reporting, thus, we built a system that creates reports on dosages, memberships, orders, vendors, etc. every 30 minutes. In addition to the mentioned above, we implemented timely support and a convenient environment for consultations between doctors.

Team & Time

  • 6 DEV
  • 1 QA
  • 1 TL
  • 1 PM
  • 2 Years


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