The interface of a mobile geo app

Sights Walker

This geo-based application for tourists is still under development, and we have already created the core features for convenient tour creation as required by our client to help people share their best places and traveling experience with each other.

  • Industry - Travel & Transportation
  • Services - Mobile Development / IT Consulting
  • Main Technologies - PostgreSQL / React Native / NodeJS


number of tours can be created by a user.

The Whole World

is covered in one application.

A Solution for Convenient Traveling

The task was to create a mobile app that helps travelers find ways to the desired sights around the world, add places of interest to the map and provide information about them in descriptions, audio, video, and photo formats. Thus, users can share their traveling experiences with others. The key features are a “tour” and a set of points or “pins” on a map that form a route. We built this app from scratch, so the key to successful implementation was to go deeply into the idea of our client.

Introduction to the Problem

Our client wanted to get a mobile app that would help tourists around the world create their own tours with favorite places and share them with other people. To create a tour, users must add pins to a map to indicate the starting and destination points of the journey. We also needed to ensure that the length of any tour could be unlimited, and the shortest one had to consist of at least two pins. Users can also name their tours, provide descriptions, add various media files (audio, photo, video) with useful information on the visited sights, exhibitions, etc. in any place of the world and rate the tours of other people in the app.

Challenges & Solutions

Implementing the Idea from Scratch

This solution was built from scratch, and the only reference for us was the idea of our client. To built a highly-responsive user interface and cover both iOS and Android platforms with one application, our team used React Native. We ensured the application logics with Node.js on the back-end part and provided stable work of the application and fast processing of various media formats. The system is also based on the AWS cloud for convenient file storage. Our specialists currently prepare this system for further integration with Bluetooth beacons that would transmit signals to the app to help people learn more about places of interest and exhibits as they stand right beside them.

And, as a result…

We helped our client implement the concept of the mobile app for tourists that improves sightseeing experience and independent traveling. In the future, the app would make independent tours more convenient by adding interactivity with explored objects and eliminating the need for guide services. The planned integrations will also include support of the beacon technology to provide users with a description, history, and interesting facts about places or exhibits as they stand right beside them.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 3 DEVs
  • 2 Months


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