Interface of a radio app for mobile

Radio Stream&Search

This mobile software combines the functionalities of an online radio player and a search engine. Radio Stream&Search is available as two separate apps built on Java and Swift in order to run natively on Android and iOS and provide smooth performance and excellent user experience.

  • Industry - Media & Advertising
  • Services - Mobile Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - AWS / Java / Swift

120 000 Live

radio stations available for search.

10 Million

episodes of podcasts in the app database.

Keyword Search in Radio Broadcasts

Radio Stream&Search is unique software in a form of 2 separate native applications for Android or iOS. It allows both listening to online radio broadcasts and streaming your own podcasts using mobile devices. However, its most prominent feature is a keyword search possibility that allows looking for desired audio content in thousands of online radio stations and millions of podcast episodes. The application also allows listeners to create personalized lists of favorite stations and search queries.

Introduction to the Problem

Our client came with the idea of an advanced mobile radio player and gradually added a number of challenging features to the initial concept. The software had to support hundreds of thousands of online radio stations and podcast services, allow searching in the aired audio content, as well as in recorded broadcasts, and also offer its users the possibility to stream their own podcasts. All these features had to be encased in a user-friendly and compact UI optimized for touchscreen resolutions, and run natively on Android and iOS.

Challenges & Solutions

Searching in a Sound Stream

The concept of the advanced online radio player that offers access to hundreds of thousands of live audio streams and millions of recorded podcasts already poses a great challenge. So, the addition of the search feature that involves looking for a keyword in the whole bulk of live broadcasts within a 3-minute time window and in the whole collection of recorded podcast episodes sounded like an impossible task. However, our developers managed to implement this functionality using Audials API and Amazon’s ElasticSearch to convert speech to text. Moreover, the application offers audio streaming capability in combination with a limited storage space for user podcast records as an optional feature.

And, as a result…

The client received a full-functional solution developed according to the agreed specifications with the possibility of adding more features in the future. The software was provided as two separate native applications for Android and iOS written on Java and Swift respectively to ensure the highest performance, convenience, and device compatibility. According to the client’s request, we also made provisions for several monetization options, including the podcast streaming functionality available for a separate fee.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 1 QA
  • 2 DEVs
  • 3 Months


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