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How we created a cloud-based business planning web application that allows to calculate expenses and profit of business in real time. The app allows users to easily and safely model and evaluate business ideas without an accountant. Business owners can also calculate to what extent changes in their product or services will be efficient or risky.
View of a cloud-based business planning web application

Advanced Business Modeling Tool

This project includes almost all services we offer our clients. First, we built an MVP version, that quickly gained love among its users, and shortly after started working on the product’s full version. The platform we built from scratch is easy to navigate, and it allows users to create, edit, compare, and delete business scenarios for new and existing projects. The multi-select feature allows editing data in several projects at a time, which saves users time and prevents them from possible mistakes. By adding expenses on salary, taxes, rent, materials, utilities, and other parameters, users get a full picture on their products and/or services profitability. The system calculates profits real-time and shows the result in two types of interactive graphics. Users can download P&L reports on their projects in pdf, ppf, and excel formats for personal use or showing them to investors.
View of a cloud-based business planning web application 1

Advantages for Business

This advanced business modeling and scenario planning tool uses a subscription monetization model. The platform is highly useful and efficient because it prevents startup owners and businesspersons who intend to launch a new product from failures by analyzing all expenses and helps them to focus on the larger mission, goals, and objectives. The platform is also highly useful for people who want to bring changes into their business because they are able to see whether certain changes will lead them to bigger profits or bankruptcy and compare multiple business scenarios to put the best one into practice.

30-40 Minutes

On average, a new user spends less than an hour on getting gross revenue, cost of goods sold, gross margin, and net income results.

+1 Project

It is not the first software solution we have provided for the client.

User Guide

All new users are shown tooltips to learn how to navigate and use the platform.

Highly Beneficial for 3 Industries

Healthcare, Construction, Entertainment

Technical Implementation

Using Python and several other technologies, our developers implemented a wide range of convenient functionalities and features in this platform. The integration with selected Amazon Web Services enabled customer management, emailing, and payment systems that simplify client management for a system administrator. The platform has a convenient UI built in React,js that generates results on each project in real time and shows them to users in two types of charts. We are proud to tell that this project is the second one we build for this client and that they trust our experience, expertise, and numerous suggestions on product improvement.
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Why You Need a Similar Solution

Systems that can show you whether your new project is successful or not before you start putting money into it save money and reputation. This case study is about business planning, but its idea is applicable to every industry. For example, your platform can calculate the success of medical treatment, marketing campaigns, or construction of a new building. Enhancing your software with Big Data and ML solutions can move its predictive capabilities to the top, thus, giving you a significant advantage on the market.
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