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A company that produces hardware firewall devices to track and eliminate cyber vulnerabilities hired us to adjust and improve selling logics on their e-commerce website. As a result, we optimized the hardware and subscription buying process, and made customer experience more personalized.

  • Industry - Retail
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting
  • Main Technologies - PHP / JS / WordPress

20% Increase

in sales achieved after Bundle integration.

76 Plugins

were created for this project and used.

Firewall Bundle in One Click

Our client produces hardware firewall and offers its customers three different subscription packs, different location-based device modifications, and several stores. The main e-commerce platform, where people can buy a device and subscription was built using WordPress, while the service that checks device membership validity was written on JavaScript. Our task was to create the possibility to sell the product in a bundle (hardware+subscription) in one click, make the system automatically sell different modifications of devices based on location (i.e., with US and GB plug types), and manage several stores using one panel.

Introduction to the Problem

Our client needed to modify the logics for selling their cybersecurity hardware and its subscription to make the purchasing process more convenient for any customer. In case of this firewall product, buying a subscription is vastly important because hardware is useless without it. Thus, our team had to create the possibility to sell different kinds of bundles, such as 1 device+1 subscription, multiple devices+different subscription packs (monthly, yearly or lifetime), etc. In addition, our task was to add connection with other online stores used for selling their firewall devices, and implement post-sale support.

Challenges & Solutions

Extra Convenience for Great Security

This project wasn’t challenging for us, because web development is what we’re great at! The platform itself was good from the beginning and the only thing we needed to do is to make it more convenient for our client and their customers. The main task was to adjust the commercial side of website, so we integrated few automating features that would enhance client experience as well as optimize the selling process, and made the platform even better.

And, as a result…

Our team adjusted and automated the e-commerce platform so it would fit growing customers’ demand. Instead of buying hardware and a subscription pack separately from each other, people who want purchase this firewall device for personal or corporate use can do it in one click. The platform makes customers’ experience personalized by automatically selling them devices adjusted to location peculiarities and tracking sales made on other online stores, which increases its financial efficiency.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 1 QA
  • 1 DEV
  • 11 Months


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