CRM visualization for gaming platforms

Gaming Engage

This CRM system allows managers to receive, validate, process, and extract data on more than 700 000 users of numerous lottery services. The system is 95% automated and closely connected to the payment functionality.

  • Industry - Data Mining & Processing
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - Python / Flask / VueJS

1 CRM System

to provide services for over 700 000 users.

~ 1 000 Tests

were created to check business logics and processes.

Automated Validation & Reporting

Our client needed one convenient CRM system that would help them to manage all clients of their lotteries and work smoothly with the payment functionality. This CRM provides checking all new and existing clients on information validity and completeness. The system checks whether all needed information is present, then checks the payment capacity and history of prospective clients to decide if they are allowed to become active lottery members.

Introduction to the Problem

The information on users who have memberships and can participate in certain lotteries had to be stored and processed by an automated CRM system, which should also limit the amount of manual work. The only thing that should be done manually was uploading a unified file with data on all users, their history, issues, etc. into the system. In case of a phone call with a client, the system had to automatically record and store it for problem-solving purposes in the future. Most important, this CRM system needed to have a high-level integration with lottery gaming services and payment functionality.

Challenges & Solutions

Fast & Smooth Data Migration

The only challenging thing for us was providing the migration of data on more than 100 000 users from the old lottery service to the new one. Migrating data wasn’t difficult for our back-end and front-end developers; however, the fact that we had to do it all in just two days and in real time had certain difficulties. To make migration successful and smooth, we intensively monitored and maintained the process, as well as created new modules. The integration of data had to be done in real time because call-backs from the payment service could happen any moment, and if one call-back wasn’t processed right away, all following requests could pile up. We successfully completed the required migration of data, and none of the users experienced malfunction while using the lottery.

And, as a result…

The client received a customer relationship management system for their multiple lottery services. This advanced CRM platform has a stable integration with all lottery services of our client and payment functionality. In addition to the primary validation and approving functionalities, the platform has modules for phone calls recording and storing for problem-solving purposes and obligatory contract confirmation. Also, to ensure convenient working with statistical data, we developed and implemented functionality for generating reports in PDF format.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 1 QA
  • 2 DEVs
  • 2 Years


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