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Game Gigamarket

Game Gigamarket is an extremely extensive project and is still under development, that’s why much of its planned functionality has not been implemented yet. Our team has already prepared front-end and back-end parts of the platform to the launch of its core component – the blockchain.

  • Industry - Media & Advertising
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - Angular / NestJS / NodeJS

Instant Payouts

for game publishers.

11,000 Transactions

per second are supported by the Giga protocol.

New Age of Game Distribution

This ambitious project aims at revolutionizing the game distribution market and break the monopoly of Steam by new features to the conventional marketplace concept. Game Gigamarket is characterized by the extensive use of the blockchain technology, particularly its proprietary cryptocurrency – Giga Coins aka GOS Tokens. The tokens are involved in a wide range of activities offered by Game Gigamarket, from game purchasing and advertising to virtual item trading and referral programs.

Introduction to the Problem

Game Gigamarket has an impressive set of various features that require highly proficient developers to implement them effectively and in a conflict-free way. We have utilized our expertise in Angular, Node.js as well as other powerful technologies and are constantly reviewing and testing the code to present excellent results. The use of blockchain adds new features to the game trading platform, such as instant payments for publishers, the secondhand market, the revenue sharing, and other. Game Gigamarket offers a variety of marketing, promotional and advertising tools for game publishers, as well as an SDK for cross-platform porting or financial incentives for beta tests.

Challenges & Solutions

Digital Marketplace with Fair Deals

Game Gigamarket aims at altering the established monopoly among gaming marketplaces and promoting favorable environment for both gamers and developers by providing a more generous share of sale revenue to publishers. It also offers a set of marketing tools for publishers to advertise their products. The advertising functionality was rather challenging to develop and implement in order to allow adjusting its display options and rewards for viewers. The platform is also configured to cover other financial activities, such as game reselling, in-game item trading, conducting e-sport tournaments with prize funds, selling game subscriptions and services such as boosts, starter packs, lootboxes, and others.

Blockchain-powered Infrastructure

Game Gigamarket utilizes an improved EOS-based protocol that can process 11,000 transactions per second. This cutting-edge technology brings a lot of benefits which include, among others, absence of transaction fees, secure and instant payments, enhanced user account protection that does not involve sharing secret keys, ability to communicate with other blockchains, support of referral programs and third-party services that utilize Giga Coins as currency. All these features require a properly built and tested front-end and back-end parts before launching the blockchain itself. Our team pays special attention to ensuring stability by constantly running tests, reviewing and optimizing the code.

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And, as a result…

Our front-end and back-end developers have already proven their expertise while building the marketplace and preparing it for the future blockchain launch. We keep working and communicating as a part of an international team to develop this immense and complex project and are ready to any future challenges because the work is far from over and there are much more features to implement. In addition to blockchain integration, our team will further develop and implement other components of the market infrastructure, including communication with other blockchains, software porting, revenue sharing, and much more.

Team & Time

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