Design of web and mobile apps for car deals

CarLend Deals

CarLend Deals became our client because they needed a convenient CRM system to accelerate the car loaning process at auto dealer companies throughout the USA and make it secure and convenient for both buyers and managers who lead the entire deal.

  • Industry - Travel & Transportation
  • Services - Web Development / Mobile Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - Angular / React Native / Ruby on Rails

Only 5 Minutes

of manager's time is needed to make a deal.

95% Increase

in a loan simplicity and speed achieved.

Fast and Secure Car Deals

We provided an end-to-end SaaS solution for CarLend Deals to help the company achieve a faster process of car loans for both clients and responsive managers at various car dealerships in the US. Basically, it is a CRM system that includes web and two mobile apps – one for dealers and another one for buyers. Our specialists implemented different sets of functionalities, including deal management features and a document submission system with a focus on speed and security.

Introduction to the Problem

Our client needed an advanced CRM system that includes three platforms to optimize the car loaning process for both auto dealers and buyers. A web and mobile app for car sellers include data visualization tools and IoT functionalities for monitoring each deal conveniently. We also created another mobile app for buyers and provided them with an easy 2-step document submission. The first step implies that a user takes photos of the required documents and the second step lies in uploading them for the manager’s review. Also, our task was to enable SMS-notifications to inform clients whether a manager approved their documents for the loan.

Challenges & Solutions

Multitenancy Equals Security

Considering a variety of separate car sellers throughout the USA, we needed to create individual databases for each auto dealer company. Overcoming this challenge and improving the system’s security was possible with the development of a multitenant architecture with Kubernetes. The multitenant environment allows a great number of clients to use the same application with single data storage. We provided each car dealer company with its own server so the data can be accessed only by their owners and managers. Ensuring multitenancy wasn’t an easy task since it involved additional resources for testing the system’s security and isolation of client data within this system, which is going to be described further.

Double Security with Encryption

When creating a mobile app for buyers, our specialists needed to make document submission safe and convenient. Thus, we made it a 2-step system and ensured the encryption of data on the back-end part. In the first step, buyers take photos of the required documents such as driving license, insurance, bank information, social security card, etc. In the second step, a user uploads them to the app. The back-end side receives this information, which then gets encrypted and becomes decrypted only when approval or disapproval by a manager is needed. Then, the system sends an SMS-notification to the client with information on the manager's decision. All uploaded documents are kept encrypted in the safe storage.

Faster Tests – Improved Quality

Our quality assurance team conducted a sheer number of software tests, including unit, load, and regression testing. Regression tests were too time-consuming and could compromise meeting our deadlines, so we replaced them with end-to-end tests to overcome this problem. They let us emulate the user environment and check the system’s flow at every level from start to end, which shortened the time for quality assurance considerably. Thus, we were able to quickly identify the system’s dependencies and effectively maintain the integrity of data between its elements.

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And, as a result…

By using advanced technologies, we helped our client to achieve the two stated goals – ensure a faster car loaning process and create a secure environment for making deals between buyers and sellers. Our system lets buyers enjoy a simplified document submission process, while the back-end part ensures reliable encryption of all data. At the same time, the platforms accelerated loan management by reducing the time to process a comprehensive set of legal documents for a car loan from weeks or even months to 5 minutes.

Team & Time

  • 1 TL
  • 2 QAs
  • 6 DEVs
  • 9 Months


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