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Anytime Watches

Anytime Watches is an online retail store that sells and delivers wristwatches to every country within the European Union. Our team worked on smooth catalog navigation, secure payment, and other features to provide customers with an easy and safe shopping experience.

  • Industry - Retail
  • Services - Web Development / IT Consulting / Quality Assurance
  • Main Technologies - PHP / jQuery


increase in sales due to the cart saver.

High Load

capacity of the online store guaranteed.

High Load

capacity of the online store guaranteed.

A premium shopping spot

Our client is an official retailer of deluxe wristwatches based in Denmark. The online store we developed allows customers to buy their favorite brands of wristwatches easily and securely, and get a spare part for the watches they’ve bought at this store. The focus was also on delivering products outside the country to grow the company’s business globally. Our team has successfully achieved the ambitious goal to build a responsive website that runs as accurately and smoothly as a sophisticated watch.

Introduction to the Problem

Our client needed a multi-language website offering a catalog of products with the ability to sort goods by categories, attributes, and prices for easier navigation. The client expected to get the system with the definite functionality that, at the same time, would allow adding more functionalities and features without interruptions or failures being occurred on the site. Another idea was to incorporate secure and convenient order and payment processes. To be able to retail products within the EU countries without any issues, the client also asked us to find solutions for maintaining relationships with customers.

Challenges & Solutions

Driven by Experience

We faced no challenges to overcome while working on an online store development because we’ve gone through numerous similar projects in the course of our professional practice and hold ourselves to high standards to ensure clients with dependable and fully-functional platforms for selling. These platforms handle high customer traffic loads and ensure a long-time running of the website without any interruption in the system. Customers are able to continuously buy products without problems, in such a way, producing a constant flow of money to the company.

And, as a result…

We developed an online store with a DIY modular framework, ensured website localization and worked on termbases to make the site available in 7 different languages. The security was enhanced by SSL encryption that conceals the buyer’s personal transaction information. We also added the cart recovery feature that allows sending reminders to customers in case they abandon the cart with the added products.

Team & Time

  • 1 PM
  • 1 QA
  • 2 DEVs
  • 3 Months


Make a successful online shopping spot with us!