Book with guidelines on Angular

Written by Anastasia Shibeko

8 Advantages of Angular for Businesses and Developers

12 min read

What everyone expects from Angular is a robust high-quality client side of the software product able to reach out to people and bring profits. In our article, you will explore how those expectations are real with the benefits you get if you choose Angular for your projects.

A close-up of an iPhone on a notepad

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Benefits of Native iOS App Development

5 min read

Have you noticed that native apps from App Store generally boast sleek design and high performance? That’s because they are built according to strict guidelines developed by Apple. This article will describe the advantages of native iOS development from the perspective of users and developers.

Headquarters of a large business enterprise

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

What Are the Primary Business Benefits of an ERP System?

7 min read

Are you thinking of integrating an enterprise resource planning solution to your company but still hesitate and can’t make a final decision? Read our detailed lists of benefits and disadvantages of ERP systems and learn the possibilities they offer in the context of business profitability.

Workplace for a Python or R programmer

Written by Anastasia Shibeko

Python or R for Data Science Projects

8 min read

Many industries use Python and/or R to benefit from data analytics, insights, and machine learning technologies incorporated into their business processes. Each of these languages has strengths, and to understand which one fits best for data science, read our comparison on Python and R.

React Native framework for app development

Written by Anastasia Shibeko

Pros and Cons of React Native

10 min read

React Native is one of the most popular frameworks because it lets companies get an iOS and Android app fast and for less money. It works great for particular types of apps but can pose constraints for others. So, to discover the strengths and weaknesses of React Native, read this article.

Two youngsters using mobile devices for messaging

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

How to Create a Chat Application Like Whatsapp

16 min read

Popular mobile messengers are gradually turning into slow and bloated giants that are filled with ads, occasionally leak your private data or even go offline. Enough of this rubbish! Read how to build an effective chat application that overcomes these flaws and offers exactly what you need.

A woman buys using the app

Written by Marina Korobka

How Free Apps Make Money on Mobile Market

15 min read

The mobile market is overcrowded with all kinds of free applications. If you want to enter it with ease and stay competitive, open this article and find out what mobile platform is best to cover, what monetization way to choose, and what to pay attention to when doing market research.

Storages for documents

Written by Anastasia Shibeko

How to Write a Software Specification

10 min read

Writing a specification for a project isn’t an easy task but it helps to organize the workflow, prevent software issues, and avoid the need for redesign. To understand how you can write an SRS for your project, read this article.

Couple take selfie after dating online

Written by Marina Korobka

How to Create a Dating App: Ultimate Guide & Insights

25 min read

The dating industry is a goldmine for starting a business. If you want to create a dating application but lack information on how to build and monetize it right, open this article and read about best practices, trends, insights and more.