Global network of smart devices

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

9 Prominent Benefits of IoT for Business

7 min read

Smart devices are gradually becoming an essential part of the modern everyday life. However, when millions of such devices are connected in the global network – the Internet of Things – they reveal their true power. Let us look at the potential benefits of implementing IoT solutions in business.

Shopping bags and carts for Letgo design

Written by Anastasiia Shibeko

How Does Letgo Make Money?

8 min read

Letgo is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the US and a unicorn startup that proved the importance of a reliable funding source and profit strategy. This article provides a review of the Letgo revenue models for up-and-coming startups that look up to achieving the same profitability.

A night city shot from a location-based app

Written by Rostislav Krivitchenko

How to Create a Location-Based App

15 min read

About 90% of apps installed in our mobile devices use geolocation. With a wide range of uses, location-based apps extend business opportunities from improving sales and marketing to offering an AR-powered experience. Check more benefits and guidelines on building a geolocation app here.

Logos of Heroku and AWS opposite each other

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Heroku vs AWS: Comparative Review

12 min read

In order to run a website or an app, you need the suitably configured server and infrastructure. However, the use of cloud services saves money and fuss for businesses and individuals. Read our comparison of two cloud service providers and learn about the differences and benefits of Heroku and AWS.

Artificial intelligence and business visualization

Written by Marina Korobka

How AI is Changing Business for the Better

10 min read

Artificial intelligence is changing business for years. Today, companies that have enough resources and big goals can achieve success a lot faster than their business competitors. Read more about how exactly companies increase their profits and efficiency using AI software.

Photo of a modern business center

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Big Data and its Business Impacts

10 min read

Big Data solutions are in particularly great demand for various business implementations because wise entrepreneurs always use new technologies to their advantage. This article describes a few examples of business benefits and use scenarios that provide competitive advantage in various fields.

Depiction of a real library interior symbolizing Python libraries

Written by Irina Popova

Top 10 Python Libraries for Machine Learning

12 min read

Python scientific and numeric libraries help to implement reliable machine learning models and put them into production fast and easy. This article will provide you with a general description of 10 best Python libraries and explain what benefits they bring developers and business owners.

A girl immersed in virtual reality

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Virtual Reality in Medicine

10 min read

Virtual reality is widely used in entertainment industry due to incredible immersive experience it offers. However, due to this and other benefits, it has a great potential of implementation in medicine. This article describes top ten implementations of VR that may change the healthcare industry.

Interface of a code editor

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Why Use PHP? Main Advantages and Disadvantages

10 min read

Let’s face the facts: PHP is not the fastest, easiest or prettiest programming language. However, despite all that, it is still among the top ten most popular languages and keeps dominating the web development area. Lets us find out the reasons for its popularity and compare PHP with its rivals.