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Closeup of a man working on a laptop
Written by Denis Kovalenko

Cloud Computing in Healthcare — When the Old Ways Get Challenged

14 min read

Find out everything about the role of cloud computing technologies in the healthcare industry. This editorial by Light IT Global covers all the different aspects of cloud computing in healthcare, from definition and benefits to the hottest trends and regulatory landscape.

Female medical worker
Written by Denis Kovalenko

eLearning for Healthcare Сhanging the Game of Patient Care

19 min read

Dive into an overview of the ever-changing learning management system landscape, specifically the importance of introducing eLearning programs into medical training. This editorial will provide evidence proving continuing medical education for knowledgeable and resilient healthcare providers is no longer possible without digital learning.

Small picture of a doctor using EHR
Written by Kate Valihura

EHR Implementation Cost Breakdown: What You Need to Know

12 min read

The poorly calculated cost of EHR implementation can put the development and adoption process at risk. Too many entrepreneurs either don’t know how the cost of EHR is formed or fail to estimate it. To help you avoid mistakes, Light IT Global has created a comprehensive editorial on the topic.

Small laptop and phone with medical icons
Written by Kate Valihura

EMR HIPAA Compliance: A Complete Guide for 2023

13 min read

Interested in getting into the nuts and bolts of EMR HIPAA compliance but don’t know where to start? Our new article was written just for that! Get a grasp on this complicated topic without spending hours on it!

A small image of a man giving a woman meds
Written by Kate Valihura

Online Pharmacy App Development: Business and Tech Guide

17 min read

Do you plan to create a modern pharmaceutical web or mobile application in 2023? Then this editorial by Light IT Global will be of great use to you! Find out what are the perks of pharma app development, how much it costs, and how to find the perfect team to get the job done!

A small picture of a man in a lotus pose
Written by Kate Valihura

Mental Health App Development: Your Perfect Guide for 2023

20 min read

Building an app that helps people deal with their mental struggles is not only noble, but it is also a promising idea that can turn into a profitable business. If you’d like to know how to create a mental health app from scratch, this editorial by Light IT Global is for you!

Small picture of a doctor working on a laptop
Written by Kate Valihura

Healthcare Web Development in 2023: How to Get It Right

17 min read

A new comprehensive healthcare web development guide from Light IT Global contains relevant information about the market, current trends, the most popular types of software, pricing, and plenty of useful tips for a business owner!

A web developer at work
Written by Kate Valihura

IT Project Outsourcing: Types, Specifics, Easy Guide

14 min read

The concept of outsourcing isn’t new to the international IT market. Yet, in recent years, it has gained traction and provoked the interest of many entrepreneurs around the globe. How to outsource IT tasks to a third-party contractor and succeed? Find out in our new article!

Small pic of  a man with a phone
Written by Kate Valihura

How to Create an Educational App. The Development ABC

16 min read

eLearning market is on the rise, and now is the best time to make global IT trends work for your business. If you consider the idea of educational app development, there’s no better way to dive into the topic than by reading this article!

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