People walking on planning phase table

Written by Marina Korobka

Project Planning Stage: Overview and Benefits

7 min read

The project planning stage is an important part of the software development life cycle. Learn more about its benefits for business, main steps, key participants, project documentation, and a lot more.

IT outsourcing reasons on laptop

Written by Irina Magalyas

Reasons to Outsource Software Development

7 min read

IT outsourcing remains being a widespread practice among companies because it solves all kinds of software problems and saves valuable corporate resources. Read this article to find out how you can benefit from outsourcing your IT department.

Documents on web technology courses

Written by Marina Korobka

Introduction to Our Light Academy

3 min read

While many companies seek and hire specialists only, we believe that we can do more for the field of software development. With this thought in mind we decided to start free courses on Python, PHP and Front-end development to help more people become high-skilled software engineers.

Light Academy Python courses

Written by Marina Korobka

Light Academy: Study Python to Create Greater Things

4 min read

Since the time Python was introduced to the world, it remains being one of the most widely used and successful Back-end technologies. The opportunities it offers to the field of providing solutions made it our first choice for the very first course that would later grow into Light Academy.

Positive people working together

Written by Marina Korobka

Light IT: Our History

5 min read

For more than ten years of our existence, our company has come a long way to become the high-skilled professionals in the field of software development. Check out the history of Light IT right from its very beginning to see what changes we`ve faced and our plans for the future.