How development team is organized

Written by Kate Valihura

Software Development Team Structure and Responsibilities

10 min read

It may be hard for a non-tech person to understand how the software development team is organized and how the digital solutions are created. In this article we're revealing all the secrets! A simple guide to the IT development team structure is already here!

Working from home

Written by Marina Korobka

Tips to Make Remote Work of Your Staff Most Effective

10 min read

Switching your office staff to remote work is not easy emotionally yet possible when doing it the right way. While most articles on the topic are aimed at workers, this one is for business owners who must close the office and ask their team to work from home. So, check out your dos and don’ts!

Work process of a team

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Software Development Metrics and KPIs Explained in a Simple Language

12 min read

Over the years, software developers adopted many different methods to measure their performance, the quality of their products, and the satisfaction of their clients. Let’s have a closer look at various metric types, their uses, and benefits.

Man looking for investors via laptop

Written by Artem Medvediev

17 Tips for Startups: Getting Smart Investments

10 min read

Many startup owners lack information on why they shouldn’t target random people with money but seek investors with experience, connections, and a good understanding of your market. This article will give you a tasty and healthy food for thought!

Growing plant representing startup

Written by Marina Korobka

Where and How to Find Investors for a Startup

7 min read

Many startup owners face difficulties with finding a trusted and reliable investor due to a lack of experience. This article will help you to find answers to vital questions and develop an effective marketing and business strategy.

Promotional video clip for Light IT

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Another Great Milestone for Light IT: Out First Promo Video

2 min read

Light IT starts to explore the field of video content. Watch our first professional video clip and read this article to learn how much this milestone means for us, what values it represents.

Picture of boats at Malta seafront area

Written by Alexander Roznovsky

Light IT attends the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit 2019

2 min read

Only few data science conventions can compete with the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit in terms of its magnitude and significance. Two delegates from Light IT have recently returned from this event are are eager to share their experience and impressions in this article.

Man in a yellow hoodie and a road

Written by Denis Kovalenko

Software Development Team vs Freelancer: Ultimate Comparison

15 min read

Many startup and business owners who have never dealt with outsourcing their software product development don’t know who to choose – a freelancer or a company. Read our ultimate comparison that will help you to solve this dilemma.

Web Summit in Lisbon 2019

Written by Marina Korobka

Light IT at Web Summit in Lisbon

3 min read

Every person who is interested in business and technology wants to visit Web Summit, because it is a fertile ground for growth. This year, our Denis Kovalenko and Artyom Medvedev, and everyone who came to Lisbon to participate in a conference got tons of useful information, connections, technological advancements, and more.